Two week break???

  • I think not...not for me anyways! I feel fine...I have not reached my goals. What would I do for two weeks. If anything I will tailor my training to fit my personal needs other than that ITS ON!!!!

  • The two weeks are there for you not to keep working out for TWENTY FOUR weeks. I dated two pro athletes back in the day. As fit and hard-bodies as they are, they would never cope. If you want to take your body further, take the ACTIVE rest. However, i learnt that when people are determined to do something anyway, they will have to learn the hard way. You WILL deplete your energy middle of the way.

    Think about this: You have not reached your goals. Now, you need to push so hard and shock your body with a more strenuous workout. Where is your body going to summon the oomph from if no rest preceded that?

    Rest is not a four letter word :o)

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  • Thanks lady! I decided to change my routine! I love the gym because it relieves my stress but I am going to do light weight lifting and slow cardio for two weeks. I wanted to see how I looked at the end of July because I want to do a bikini contest. I was going to take a break after the contest. but I can slow it down a little. I don't want any injuries in the long run!

  • yes, the 2 weeks ACTIVE rest is almost required.  Trust me, you'll thank yourself for it.  We get into routines, and the BFL one is a great one to get into, BUT you still need breaks every so often.  And remember it's still ACTIVE, so it doesnt mean you have to sit on your hands for 2 weeks!!  Far from that!!

  • Many people do one week and they are just fine.  Listen to your body.  I agree that AR is essential to any workout program.  It is important for anyone to take at least one week off every three months to give your muscles a rest and allow you to get re-energized and focused.  Good job keeping that momentum up!!!  

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  • As others have posted.......I too agree it is good to take a bit of a break from the gym and cardio. Fill the void with activites you really The point is keep moving but there is no need to  push yourself. This is also a great time re-focus on some new goals. All the best!!

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  • I am at the end of Week 11, one more week to go, and my body is asking for a rest, and more food!  I will definitely rest, and I know that 2 weeks is going to feel like a long break, but hopefully I will stay active and then kick some butt when I get back into it.

    I don't think I will reach all my goals this time, so I will continue.  It's going to feel like a LONG week I have left.  Just hope I keep moderately active.  

    I have one question, does the food stay the same?  Or does that need to decrease as well?  I was thinking of staying the same, with one day off or maybe the whole weekend??  (Wow a whole weekend '-)

    Any advice welcome.  Thanks Pam

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  • I agree with BDMom - I like the idea of 12 weeks on, 1 week AR, as that completes four full cycles each year. I recommend mainly sticking with the diet during the active rest, while a free weekend won't hurt, a whole week off might.

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  • Remember that it was never suggested that people take 2 weeks "off".  It was suggested to take 2 weeks of active rest.  What is active rest?  It's taking a break from the BFL workouts and instead doing other things that keep you active.  Maybe take that spin class, do hiking, do pilates or whatever.  Be active, but give your joints, tendons and muscles a break from hitting the weights.  Keep the eating pretty much BFL, but maybe be more liberal during that time.  That's when the recipes on this site and the Eating for Life book are good.  Most people are far more strict during contest so go ahead and have some indulgences, but not too many.  

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  • On the other hand, I started my C3 today, with no rest between my C1, C2, and C3. Why? A Sunday of eating what I want is good enough for me. With Body for Life, our muscles strategically get enough rest between workouts, so I don't see the need of abandoning my progress for the sake of a break, that in my case, might lead to a complete abandonment of exercise. Lol! :) Seriously, though, this is my way of life, doing it this way is definitely an option to consider.

  • I took 2 weeks once.  Beyond that I've learned to listen to my body because let me tell you if you don't listen to it, it will shut down when you don't willingly give it a rest.  

    My max days off are 1 week of vacation totally away from everything (except food) and 3 days at the end of each 12 week cycle.  

    Each person has to find what works for them.  Consistency is key.  Having a great challenge is just that a great challenge.  It's when you can prevent yourself from backsliding more than 3# for a year or more that you know you have the right combination for you.

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