Week 12....what to do next?

  • Hi,

    Im MarshaC. Im 59 years old & im in week 12 of the challenge. Im doing pretty well, eating BFL as much as possible (a bit of cheat now & again) & doing the training as suggested, with a bit of tweek, as my knees wont take lunges & I cant take an injury at this junction of my life.

    What I would like to know is what to do after day 84. The BFL & Champions BFL books are rather vague (maybe just to general) on the subject. I would like to know what others have done to maintain. After 12 weeks of intensity, I am definitely ready for a break. Besides, at my age, I have lost only 10 lbs so far, & have gained strength & some muscle & less fat, but im thinking at 59, the fat, she dont go & the muscle, she dont appear so quickly as in someone in their 30s.

    I am better than I was, I have gained some confidence & im pleased with the results, but im not ready to go right into another challenge in 6 days.....Any suggestions?

    Thanks & it does work....MarshaC

  • Well MarshaC, dont do what my wife and I did and take a 6 year break lol! Seriously, the recommendations I see are 2 - 4 weeks off. Unless, of course unless you want to jump right back into another challenge. Because you have been on a regimented routine for 3 months, most people after a couple of weeks get ancy and want to get back to the routine. A big congrats to you for completed the 84 days. My wife and I are in the middle of week 5, it seems a lot harder now than before, I guess being in our thirties then in 2005, most of it came easy.

    The only limitations that you have , are those that you set upon yourself

  • Hi Bizzey...Thanks for the reply. I guess it takes what it takes. No 6 year break ( I hope!), as the improvements I have seen thus far will keep me going, I hope.

    I do not want to jump right back into another challenge & im off on a trip of 10 days the end of May. In all honesty, I am burnt out ! I need a break.

    Thanks for the congrat's...guess it really is a big deal ! Good for you & your wife for getting back into gear. Best of luck . It is tougher as we get older. But you guys are still young!  If I can do it, so can you!

  • Marsha,I am right there with you.  In week 12 and 56 years old.  And so true, the fat seems to want to hang around so its tougher to drive off.  Plus I didn't have the 10-15 pounds to lose like so many I read about.  Mine was over 40.   To date I have lost 15 and am sooooooooo much stronger than before.  I am a little sorry the 12 weeks are over.  But I committed to another challenge about 3 weeks back.  I am doing the 2-3 weeks active rest.  I plan on doing more long cardio workouts like swim and take my zumba classes back up.  Because they are just too much fun.  I am planning to start a yoga class and looking at the spinning class and do some maintenance weight lifting.  I plan on staying active during my rest, just not the hard HIIT cardio and the hard weight lifting always pressing for more.  From what I have read you should take advantage of the active rest for a couple weeks.  Go out and ride a bike, go dancing, be active and enjoy everything. Oh and eat clean, just don't do the calorie deficit thing.   That burnout will go away and you will be ready for Round 2.  

  • I look at it as the 12 weeks are like boot camp.  They drill into you your routine..   Get meals made, set aside time to exercise, break old bad habits.   After the 12 weeks you SHOULD be in the mindset that what you've been doing the last 12 weeks is just your new normal.   Keep eating right, keep exercising etc etc.   If you still have more to accomplish or new goals, then do another challenge.   If you are happy where you are, using your tools you've gained, get set up on a maintenance program to keep you where you are.  

  • Thanks Firesong. Its good to know that there are other 'over 50's' out there doing this.

    I had really let myself go before starting this challenge. I wanted to loose about 20 lbs, but have lost only 10 to date. I have done some toning, but not as much as I would like....still have the bat wings, etc. I like what you say about taking 2-3 weeks active rest. Unfortunately, I am going on a 10 day vacation week 4, so starting another challenge would be difficult. But the active rest, maybe a 4 week one, with eating well, hey, another challenge is in my future, I do believe.

    As you say, the burnout will be gone by then...just dont want to slip into another lethargy!

  • Thanks dburg. I am/am not happy where im at. I have not reached my weight goal, nor am I firmed up as I would have liked...maybe that is impossible at my age? Maybe you just get some tighter, but still sport 'bat wings' & celulite? Dunno.

    But I like the idea of a maintenance program to stay on hold, where im at, & begin another challenge in a month or so......good advice!

  • Marsha, I don't believe its impossible at our age.  Thats just your burnout talking.  But I have to say you made me laugh with the batwings.  I was just noticing mine in the gym. I have truly developed my biceps and triceps and know they are strong, just wont shine completely through until the fat is gone. Same with cellulite.  So maybe a clean month off, enjoy your vacation and then come back strong and hit it hard!  Enjoy your vacation and time off.

  • I have been reading some of the blogs.  Here is some information that may help you.

    Basic Calorie Level (calories to consume to stay the weight you are)

    (This calculation is based off of 20-29 age bracket and 175lbs person for an example)

    Start off with your body weight x 11                             175x11=1925cal

    Now you need to think of what your metabolic rate is, slow =eat healthy things all the time and not drop a pound or gain weight easily.  Moderate=eat what you what but not that much in quantity and not really gain a thing.  Fast=eat whatever, whenever and not gain a thing.

    But after that take the finished number from the first equation(1925) and multiply it by .30 for slow, .40 for moderate, .50 for fast metabolism.  i myself have slow metabolism so i will use the .30.  The age bracket changes the number every ten year age group by .05......ages30-39........  .25 slow.......  .35 mod .45 fast, ages 50-59.......   .15 slow     .25 mod.    .35   fast.  Kinda tricky but hopefully you understand.


    Then add the 2, 1925+578=2503  Those are the calories in a single day to stay the weight you are.  Since everyone is trying to loose weight you would deduct 500 from that number to safely loose weight.  So far these figures this person would need to eat 2003 calories a day to loose weight just from their daily nutrition.  The other calculators say for same age and body weight needs are in the 2300 range to loose.  Those 300 calories are a big difference (500 calaories a day based on a 1 pound a week, which is considered the safe figure for weight loss.  If you consume any lower you will start to loose energy and actually could suffer from reversed results!!!!)

    I am suffering reverse results as we speak.  You can see the pictures recently.  I dropped in size.  I have modified my program and it seems to work.  Only time will tell.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hey Marsha,  From what I have heard and seen people at ANY age can obtain that well sculpted body.  Obviously as we age (im 47) our skin won't come back as well but hey, that is no biggie.  John777 posted a link to a picture of and "older" man who transformed his body...... very impressive.  If you would like to see it he posted the link on the "teamtriumph" thread.  Take a look.  It will really inspire.  

    Good luck with active rest and congratulations on finishing the 12 weeks

  • My only advice is to make sure your time off does not include giving up both the diet and the exercise together.  If you want a break from the exercise, eat healthy food and remember the small meals often so your metabolism doesn't suffer.  Likewise if you have a more relaxed diet, you gotta do some exercise, but make it more enjoyable, more staying active than busting a gut.

    You won't want to undo all the good work but make sure you enjoy your rest time!!

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • MarshaC

    Good job to this point, keep it up. I agree  we seasoned folks can't do the 30 something routine however at 65 I have been busting it for 10 1/2 wks now and to date have lost 16 of the 30 I set out to loose. Planning a 2nd challenge starting Memorial day the 30th after a 2 wk AR break. I don't plan to do much changing in the meal portion. Will be doing cardio daily but will stay away from HIIT until the 30th. Looking forward to the second challenge. Want to try to be an example to my generation...I'm not going out gracefully, I'm fighting ALL the way