How to maintain muscle


    I've been searching the web and did not find much... Uhmmm

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  • There is no much information!!!!

    What are the champions doing to maintain there bodies? Does somebody knows?

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  • The best way to continue and maintain muscle is to either continue the BFL as a lifestyle or to adapt a program based on the BFL principals.  What I did (for the most part) was to continue eating by the BFL plan but I did adjust my workouts.  I know still lift 3 times a week Mon doing my chest and triceps, Weds is legs and Fri back, biceps and shoulders.  I've found I can push myself a little harder splitting my body parts within the week.  I also do my abs 2x per week usually Sun and Thurs.  

    I'm not sure what the Champs did to maintain their fitness level but champ or not I believe it's just staying true to yourself keeping physical fitness in your life and pushing yourself to the best of your ability.  Don't look at it as a 12 week challenge only you just continue on the journey of getting and staying fit.

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  • You maintain muscle by lifting weights ,with bodyforlife even though we eat healthly we are also putting our bodies in a calorie deficet so that the body gets its energy from stored fat, however our muscles are a form of energy too so to ensure our body doesnt take energy from our muscles we give our body a reason to keep the muscle by lifting weights

  • MyDecade - basically I am still eating BFL style, making sure I get the right amount of protein every 2 to 2 1/2 hours to feed my muscles.  And of course I am still doing my workouts!!!

    Hmmmm...that does not sound too informative does it?  It's just that simple.  I don't have any extra secrets.  It's just eating the right way and challenging your muscles in every workout.  And always challenging yourself so you are growing, not being stagnant.  Always push yourself so the workouts are not easy. Try new exercises and forms of cardio if you feel you need to shake it up a little.

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  • In my humble opinion maintaining a diet that consists of .8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight will maintain your muscle mass.

    www. has a ton of supportive and informative information regarding BFL and why it works.  

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  • For me, I have no problem gaining muscle.After 8 weeks on BFL I'm already maxing out the weight or close to it on several machines in the gym. It's easy for me to grow. Shrinking is the hard part (actually not overeating junk is the hard part)! That being said, it is pretty easy to "maintain" my muscles just by fueling them properly and continuing to work them with resistance training. For me, I've found I don't have to be as careful about measuring protein intake and recording workouts when I'm not trying to "build" muscle. Just following the basic guidlines of balanced nutrition and maintaining a weight lifting program works to keep things tight for me. Of course, if I allow myself to eat to many calories, I gain fat and have to go back to a more careful monitering of my diet for a little while to get back on track.