• SOOOOOO GLAD THIS IS HERE!!  Too bad it wasn't here a few weeks ago as this week is my AR week!! WooHoo!!

    Soooo for active rest I am going to be focus on steady pace cardio ... probably elliptical to keep it low impact ... I might even try the stationary bike, something I NEVER do!

    As for strength I am going to focus on using my body weight as resistance: Push-ups, pull-ups, bench dips, lunges, etc

    I am also going to focus on stretching ... this was my biggest downfall in my program, I HATE to stretch because I am NOT flexible, but it is something I want to commit to in C2!!

  • Yes! This is very nice to have this added to the forum. And I love the name "week 13 and beyond"...

    How does one maintains the so very hard to reach goal? How do you do Active Rest?

    I don't know if there is research done in how to maintain muscle and keep fat away. I believe doing challenge after challenge (with AR in between) is not practical...

    I hope to hear some ideas!


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  • MyDecade,

    To maintain muscle it has to be used.  Our bodies are a feedback machine that is in a constant state of looking for balance in an environment that can never be balanced.  Our genetic coding is to put down a layer of fat for emergency use so whenever possible our bodies look to store energy and will do just about anything to keep its emergency storage.  

    To keep fat away we must either be caloric neutral (maintain) or in deficit (lose).  This is a fine balance because if you stop lifting or limit lifting and choose aerobic to get to a neutral or deficit situation the body will burn lean muscle and fat.  This then leads to a lower overall basal metabolic rate making it harder to be neutral or in deficit.

    The challenge itself as written is not practical to do over and over and over again because at some point you will not have any fat left.  The Body for Life cookbook for example uses portions larger then those used for the challenge.


  • I'm only on week 7 at the moment, but during my AR I plan on cutting cardio and lifting heavy at least 5 times a week. I also plan on upping my calories a bit during this period along with my protein intake.

    Don't get me wrong, I still have 2 full challenges of fat to lose after this one, but I've gotten really wound up into the whole bodybuilding thing and I'm looking forward to getting serious about it. I'm building a little muscle and tone right now, but with this calorie deficit and all of this cardio I'm not going to get huge muscle gains unless I step it up a bit.

    I've got a ton to learn, and a long way to go, but all the time in the world :)

  • Matt,

    My last AR was the best I didn't go the gym once in 2 weeks.  I upped my portions a little bit set my alarm forward and "slept" in every day.  During that time a couple of small nagging issues went away.  I came back refreshed both mentally and physically.  

    I would suggest you don't go heavy, but Rest - Go Heavy - Rest - BFL.

  • Congrats on all of you who made it to week 13. I'm in week 2. Thought I'd check this board out for some inspiration.

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