New Product: Lean 15

  • Check out our new Lean 15 powder, with 15 grams of high-quality protein and 100 calories per serving:

    ~Brittany, The BFL Team

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  • Greetings, IF you are looking for the Lean 15 powder locally without the shipping complications then be sure to check out your local Target store as they exclusively carry this supplement currently. Be sure to check your Target receipts too especially those from the pharmacy as sometimes they feature a coupon to help with the purchase by deducting anywhere from  $ 4 upto   $8 off the purchase at the register price (depending upon your Target stores geographical location it seems).

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  • WPBill, Thanks for the tip! Ricanbelly, you can also pick up a $3.00 off coupon here: Be sure to let us know if you try it!

    Brittany, The BFL Team

  • It's a shame that this line doesn't taste as good as the Myoplex Lite line.  I'm pretty disappointed that the Myoplex Lite protein bars are being discontinued.  The Lean15 ones just don't compare and taste awful in my opinion.  Wish I could still get the Lite Chocolate Chocolate Chip crisp bars...I would stock up!!

  • Minka, thanks for the feedback - we've passed in along to our team. You might want to check out our EAS AdvantEDGE bars ( Hope this helps!

    Morgen, The BFL Team

  • I was wondering why the protein bars have so much processed ingredients  in them?.. Anyone notice that corn syrup is the second ingredient?? And then there is all the fractionated oils. This seems a bit odd for trying to eat healthy. I like them, but maybe some nuts that are carmelized might be a better choice. Anyone have thoughts on this??

  • Rlostetter - Lean 15 bars contain either palm oil or palm kernel oil as a small part of the coatings. Palm oil contributes to the bar's taste and texture and provides a source of fat.  It's commonly used in coatings on food products and is found in many other nutrition/energy bars. If you prefer a bar without it, you may want to try our new Perfectly Simple ZonePerfect bars. You can find them at most grocery or mass merchandise store. Check them out for more info:


    The BFL Team

  • I recently bought some EAS Muscle Armor and when I went to use it for this first time this morning, I was disappointed to not see a scoop in the container. The directions say to take one scoop, so how am I supposed to know how much a scoop is if one is not provided? Thanks?

  • We would like to chat with you in person! Please call us at 1-800-297-9776 Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm EST, and reference case number 00843374

  • The scoop may be buried like mine was!

  • Greetings, It does often happen that the scoops get somewhat buried in the supplement containers. Perhaps they should put them in last in the process if that would help. In any case, save your scoops from any past containers of the same and should this happen again, you can use that one until you find the newer one, just a tip to help out.