First Look: EAS Outlet Store (up to 50% off)

  • Have you checked out   ?  Probably the best prices you will find in Canada.  If you order over $100 shipping is free and you will get it within a few days.  They have a really good deal on the 7 serving bags of Myoplex right now.

    Train to grow, not for show!

  • I did check them. They don't seem to carry the RTD Advantedge shakes. I put in a call to them though.There is a place that sells them in Markham, but this price is WAY cheaper and our dollar is GREAT I'd love to buy from Abbott

  • I would like to know the same thing - is there any chance that some one who is currently doing the Body for Life Challenge might know of alternate products, if we are unable to access EAS Products here in Australia?