Website Update - Feedback Wanted

  • Hello Body-For-LIFErs!


    Just a quick note to say that we installed some new forum software a few days ago which should improve the functionality of the forum.  Please let us know how this update impacts your experience on the site: Do you see improvements? We'd love to hear from you.



    The BFL Team

  • Was it a performance upgrade? I still have to log in every time I access the site and would love to see a "Go to first Unread post" along with the "Go to last post" links. It's hard for me to remember where I left off. ;)


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  • I wish you could go to the most recent post is difficult to go thru all of them to get to the most recent.  Maybe i am not navigating thru them correctly?


    melissa maui

  • kmiec123 and melissamaui,

    Thanks for your feedback! We've let the IT team know about the 'Last Post' request.  

    Have you tried using the 'Unread' filter? It's under the Forum names, currently set on 'All Recent,' and it might help you navigate through the forum. Hope that's helpful!


    The BFL Team

  • Definitely faster!!  Thanks for that.

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  • Hello BFL,

    I appreciate the convenience of the sight. For example, the automatic email feature now brings me directly to the question and I'm already signed-in. So much easier!!

    Thank you!


  • I know this is off topic but when will the winners be announced? Do you have a date? How exactly are they notified (in person, over the phone?) I'm excited to see the winners. I have a few favorites.


  • Melissamaui & Kmiec123,

    There is a way to set the forum to display the newest posts first. Have you tried changing your settings?

    1. Login & then click on "Settings" in the upper right corner.


    On the next screen, select the "Site options" tab. 

     3. From the drop-down at "Sort Posts" select "Decending"



  • Michelle and Lori,  So glad you find those helpful!


    The BFL Team

  • Loren,

    Are your ears ringing? Just about to post an update! :)

    Check out the homepage and look at the Flash box on there. More details coming soon!


    The BFL Team

  • Grandpa Hiker,

    Thanks so much for sharing, especially with those detailed photos! We love our BFL Forum power users.


    The BFL Team

  • hi guys, i see the 2010 champs have been unveiled and are supposedly on the homepage, i dont see it, any reason why?

  • Hi Donald,

    Are you checking the homepage on a mobile device, or on a computer? You will likely need to clear your cache, which can be done in the Preferences section of your browser. We can better help find it, if you let us know which browser you are using.


    The BFL Team

  • Thanks Anna,

    i'm on a Desktop/ I.E.8

  • Hi Donald,

    Do you see the Tools menu option? If you pull it down, you should be able to get to 'Internet Options,' where you will see 'Browsing history.' Click 'Delete' in that section, and check the 'Temporary Internet Files' and 'Cookies' boxes. Once you've done that, reload and let us know if you can't see the Champions in the Flash box right at the top.


    The BFL Team