2011 Body-for-LIFE Challenge!

  • Keep in mind that EAS is a small part of a single division within a much larger Abbott organization. They're working to maximize profits just like every other company out there.   If they don't see a big enough amount of revenue to justify cash prizes then they'll eliminate them which I'm sure is what happened.

  • Just out of curiosity have you checked the Abbott stock rate on Yahoo Financial lately. It's actually quite healthy and even better than the rate the Mouse currently has.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by "stock rate" but Abbott's stock price is at about same level it was 5 years ago.   Maybe you're talking about dividend rate?   That's at about 4% which is in the middle of their peer group -- so it's not like they're doing extremely well, just average.   Drug companies need to forecast earnings far into the future based upon their pipeline and if the pipeline doesn't look promising then they need to change strategies, make cuts, switch investments, etc.   It's very easy to say they're doing well but if you had a couple million invested in their stock you would be far more critical.

  • Funny I don't see any complaints on Yahoo Financial from their stockholders especially since they just upper their annual dividend another 58 cents according to a major news source connected to Yahoo. But maybe you have a point on one aspect especially since they have decided to pull out of Canada with their operations effective this March.

  • Full disclosure:  my wife is an Abbott employee.   Trust me when I say that many people are unhappy with their performance lately.   Take a look at a 20 year chart -- from 1995 to 1999 the stock shoots up from about $15 to $50.   12 years later it's trading at $46...

  • I am not sure how to react to the information that the winner will get 5000 dollars worth of product. Let's hope they are in Zimbabwean dollars. What is the expiry date on 5000 worth of product I wonder. Will be good for my hair too or do i have to down all of it before it expires? If I do, will I need another cycle to shed the pounds caused by 5grand worth of products? What's a winner who's already signed up for a gym gonna do with a home gym? Those who are self-motivated enough to buy their own gym have a home gym. I use mine as a stand to dry out clothes while I tough out it in the gym. So what if I win two years in a row, do I get one more home gym? Do they need the money that bad? This is a reminder of the local kebab shop who started to add more tomatoes and less beef to the sandwitch after Lazulu -the busboy- ran away with Kalili's cash.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Hi, I'm having trouble submitting my 12 week challenge completion.  I registered first week in June and started the challenge on 6/5/11.  I uploaded before pic and info and have stayed on the program for 12 week and beyond now.  I want to enter the info to complete my challenge online, but somehow the site does not recognize the initial challenge commenced in June.  I believe I have 15 days after the 12 week to submit my info which would be due on 9/13/11.  I don't want to start a new challenge which seems to be the only option in my profile.  How can I submit the 12 weeks I completed, or who could help me with this process?

  • Make My Day, sorry you're having trouble! Is there an error message you're seeing?

    Brittany, The BFL Team

  • Just wondering when the Official BFL Dates for 2013 will be posted this month or next.  Trying to decide when I will "officially" start a C4 BFL Challenge this year in 2013.  Not in a rush, because the gym is swamped right now for the next month and I am planning to do the Men Fitness Hard BOdy program first this year for 12 weeks starting midmonth this month at the latest, take one or two weeks of AR and then perhaps start with my C4 BFL Challenge sometime after that. Thanks for your input on this. Keep Moving Forward!

  • WPBill,

    The official start dates have been published on the website. Check them out here: bodyforlife.com/challenge

    Hope that helps and good luck!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • I don't want to win the prize as much as I want to become the prize.  I'd love to take my wife to Hawaii but I'd love even more being able to walk at any local beach with my shirt off and not be totally embarrassed.  I want to see myself in the bathroom mirror and smile , rather than to think, "yuk man what happened to you?"

    I'm on the 3rd week now and I can't say I have lost any weight but I can say that level 9 is much further along than it used to be.  I'm standing straighter.  I walk differently.  I feel a "good pain" while I move. when I started I could barely make it 2 miles.  Now I'm moving quickly through my 20 - 25 min.  I sweat like a pig but I don't feel like I'm going to pass out like I did before.  

  • Greetings to all.  Just to let everyone know that the winning BFL CHampions for 2012 have been announced and are listed on the HOme page right now.  My CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the Winners AND all who entered and finished this past year.  Remember even if you didn't place in the contest You are all still winners of better health and personal energy!!!  My wishes for a successful year to All the entrants and fellow BFL Team members this coming year as well.  I do hope that all the official entrants will still receive a Certificate of Completion as in prior years at some point during this year. It's still great to have a Challenge recognized that way as well.  Keep MOving Forward everyone!!!