2011 Body-for-LIFE Challenge!

  • We're excited to announce that the 2011 Body-for-LIFE Challenge information is live on the site!

    Please visit http://bodyforlife.com/challenge to see details on the 2011 Challenge, and note the changes in Rules from previous years. For example, you can now register online and track your Transformation right here! You can, of course, continue to register by downloading the kit and mailing it in.


    We look forward to joining you on your Journey!

    The Body-for-LIFE Team

  • Thank you!

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Why did they change the prizes? I really don't want 5,000 worth of product and I already have a home gym. I am disappointed that they have changed it and have told us this far into February.

  • Thanks for the tips and Info.  WPBILL

  • Is there a certain number of days you can take your photos before you start?  I took my photos on 2/13, but am not starting until today 2/16?.  Thanks.

  • I'm disappointed as well.  The motivation of a cash prize could have really helped me along.  Is EAS getting money hungry or what?

  • The rules were once that you could take your pictures +/- 3 days of start and then +/- 3 days of finish.  I don't know if that rule has changed.

    As for the prizes: Isn't the program and your results prize enough?  Of course we all want to win and all want a huge check, but had anyone considered that EAS changed things so that people looked within for motivation, which is the only reason that lasts anyway.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I thought the same thing when I saw the announcement, about it not being a cash prize. But said to myself that finishing this thing in one piece and feeling absolutely great about myself is prize enough. Besides, I sure could use a home gym, that would be nice for sure. Does anyone know if you have to start your challenge on those specific dates that are listed? I'm going to start on the 21st of Feb and want to make sure I'll still qualify when I'm done with it.

  • Yes, doing it for my self is "enough" but as for me I want to go beyond what is comfortable, to take my body beyond just losing weight. Being able to post pictures from a 12 week time frame and really make them stand out is unique. Condensing a major change into a short period of time takes focus and commitment.

    I had set up my goals based upon previous criteria and I had found something that I wanted really, really bad that I could accomplish with the prize money. That was my carrot. My goals and charts were written out and I was excited and motivated. Then the prize was taken away and it totally changed my focus. I was greatly disappointed because I can no longer get that one thing that I wanted.

    Will I still workout and do my thing? Absolutely. Nothing will change that. But the prize is unappealing to me. I was already focused on a different carrot. It wasn't the money, it was what I was going to get with it that I wanted more  than money.

    Setting that goal and having that "reward" (whatever it is) at the end is extremely important in setting goals. Reaching the summer and losing 8 pounds, for me, would be a great achievement and I will be satisfied. That prize was making me want to go from that 8 pounds to 10 or 12 and really lean out. The prize goal for me was the difference in between continuing on my journey or really seeing what I could achieve beyond average in a short period of time.

    My balloon was deflated and now I just need to find another strong motivator, and I will. But still disappointed because I had this goal, this vision and it is now gone. Poof.

    If was just now starting and I knew this was the end result it would be different, but I was already thinking one way and now I need to refocus.

    Unfortunately to just "be in shape" is not a strong enough motivator for people. If you don't have a definite, specific goal and "losing weight" is not enough. You need to write out that you will lose x pounds by x date because you want x.

  • TinyTimmay

    There is never a time when BFL is not in a challenge.  If you started Monday then you are simply in round 1.  I started the Monday after Thanksgiving and my entry will count for round 1.  If you start the day after round 1 is to be started by, then you are in round 2.  The dates are only for EAS to be able to organize entries.  Think of it like rolling admission for college. .

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • For this Contest:

    I will lose at least 20 pounds by February 21st because I want more energy, increased confidence and Championship results.  That's specific, measurable and with a reason.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Gotcha. I understand completely. Thanks.

  • I can't believe BFL has changed the prize money. Here I am in the midst of the challenge and then they announce that the $25,000 and $10,000 prizes have been replaced with a gift certificate for products. That is a huge disappointment!!! A challenge is traditionally based on monetary prizes. This will definetly hurt their reputation and they will lose followers as a result. The challenge now sounds like a gimic to just buy there products. I hope they reconsider this... it is a bad business move.

  • Anyone can appreciate why there would be disappointment, but there is a larger picture.  EAS provides phone support, this amazing forum, countless articles and support for FREE.  They have also changed the rules.  You now need to purchase only 1 EAS / Abbott product during the Challenge.  That can be 1 bar.  At one time you needed to consistently use product during the entire Contest.  They are making less money on BFL now and opening this amazing program to more.  

    Even though I've actually personally known about a dozen Champions, the reality is that odds are infinitesimal so there just needs to be deeper reasons for doing this.  

    So...how about a little gratitude?

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Would have been nice to afford to take my wife to Hawaii though. :) I agree that the motivation should really be the complete transformation that takes place, but a little something something sure helps.

    Is it true that technically you only have to buy 1 supplement at some point in the challenge to qualify, but that it didn't have to be used throughout the challenge. I'm about to wrap up my 12 week challenge I started on Dec 5th, but was hugely strapped for cash throughout the holidays, so I didn't use much for EAS supplements, (except for what I had left over from a purchase previous to doing this challenge) and none of the stores where I live carry EAS products. I guess I could have ordered online, but just stuck with what was readily available.  I would like to send in an entry, and could go buy something to qualify.