BFL Forum Login/Sessioning Fix

  • Hi Body-For-LIFErs!

    Over the past few weeks, we've heard that some of you have experienced difficulty staying logged in on the forum.  We've made some adjustments on our end, and we want to hear from you! After clearing your cache, sign in for a few days, and let us know if you are still getting logged out mid-session. Please remember that if you're not active for 15 minutes (for example, reading without clicking), your session will still time out after 30 minutes.  We're looking forward to hearing from you!



    The BFL Team

  • Thanks!!

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  • No problem as of this time....John

  • Thanks for the feedback, John!

    ~Anna on the Body-For-LIFE Team

  • I use internet explorer and the login information is invisible unless I click the forums, it makes the colors white on white on the front page of  Once in the forums, the login is white on grey and  I can see it.  

  • Hi JackOD,

    We're continuing to work on reproducing this error, and will let you know if we find anything. Can you let us know what version of IE you are using?

    Thanks for your patience!


    The BFL Team

  • Could it be a contrast issue with the monitor?  I use ie and can see the login, but it is white on gray.

  • Kahoona, That sounds like a possibility. Are you using an early version of IE (e.g. 6)? Since you're seeing the login, it doesn't sound like a functionality issue.


    The BFL Team