problems with website

  • Does anyone else have trouble logging in or taking forever for the forum to come up? I've had this problem from day one and not before. And is there any way to not get a hundred e-mails when anyone posts or is that a requirement for the forum?I enjoy reading the posts but would rather read them on the forum than e-mail and forum.

  • I have problems staying logged in and posting replies.  The site has told me that everything is good on their end, I don't know what's wrong but it's frustrating.  I had to log in twice to post this.

    When you get an email reply to something, there is a link where you can unsubscribe from the thread.  


  • I haven't had problems staying logged in but the email notifactions don't bring me back to the site, they just say there is an error.

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  • You have to go into your setting, and turn e-mail notification off.  Or edit every post of yours and uncheck it at the bottom when you are done.

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  • I haven't been able to log in for 4 days now, It shows me signed in but when I go to the forums I get kicked out agian. Also when I post I have to copy the paste  my message because it never takes it and I dont feel like retyping.

  • Sorry you're having these problems, bobbygregg33! We'll have the tech team take a look at your account, and let you know what we find. Can you please let us know what browser you're using and the order of pages you navigate, so they can dig into why this might be happening?


    The BFL Team

  • Hi Michelle,

    Would you mind forwarding a copy of the e-mail notification to  We'd like to look into why this is happening.

    Thank you,

    The BFL Team

  • MichelleK10,

    We're unfortunately seeing that issue across the board and have escalated it to the technical team. We'll keep you posted as soon as we hear back on this fix. Sorry for the frustration!


    The BFL Team

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick note to say that we installed some new forum software last night, so hopefully you'll see some improvement.  We'll keep a watch on performance as well.

    Thanks for your patience!

    The BFL Team

  • Wonderful; thank you!

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