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  • Cambell04, thanks for the great suggestion! We'll be sure to let our Team know! Kabbott and Danielle09, sorry to hear you're having trouble. Here are some great tips posted by Grandpa Hiker: Let us know if that doesn't resolve the issue for you!

    Brittany, The BFL Team

  • Dear BFL is there a problem with the website with the loading of photos lately. I have been reading many posts from BFL folks that they are having problems getting their photos to load. Any tips for us all?????

  • Hi

    I have tried to edit my profile to include a bio & some photos, but can't save changes?


  • tc747, sorry to hear you're having trouble! Check out these great tips posted by Grandpa Hiker: Let us know if that doesn't resolve the issue for you!

    Brittany, The BFL Team


  • sorry can't click on the link?

    also tried to start a new thread, typed in the title but wouldn't recognise the contents in the post?

  • tc747,

    Thanks for letting us know! Try clicking on the link here for tips: We're passing this info along to the Team and we'll get back to you.

    Brittany, The BFL Team

  • opps...ok

  • I was wondering if there are picture or videos of exercises that are mentioned in the book or on the website.

  • BFL Team - I started the online registration and have found that the text fields are having problems.  When I enter text and post (save) I get repeating text from each sententce at the end of each sentence. If you click in the field the text repeats go away, however when you save again, the repeating text comes back.  I've accessed the site from two different PC's, tried opening in google chrome and IE and the same issue happens so it has to be a UI issue.  Can you assist.  Right now my answers look like I have typing-tourettes :o)

  • Here is an example of what I get in the registration form online:

    "There is a problem with the test field here.  It looks like each It looks like each sentence repeats text.  I've cut and pasted this text here pasted this text here multiple times from notepad and MS Word and the MS Word and the same problem persists. When you click to edit, the test to edit, the text "repeats" go away, bue when you "Save and Continue" the and "Continue" the repeating test re-appears."

  • Greetings MaxRex and BFL ,  This is exactly the problem I notice every time I enter my text for BFL Challenges for the essay questions and it is rather upsetting to think it might print this way in the final result. I hope the team can solve this problem long term.  I did mention it as a future improvement in my official entry this year as well. Keep Moving Forward everyone!!!

  • MaxRex & WPBill,

    We are looking into this and will let you know what we find out!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Good morning

    I have been enjoying the forums page. I was wondering if there is a way to view the most resent posts on a threat as apposed to having to click to the third or forth page to see a new comment?

  • Bailey331,

    Unfortunately, the site is not set up to view the most recent posts first, but we will be sure to share your suggestion with our team!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team