Profile Update Fix

  • BFL Community:

    We sincerely apologize that the functionality for the "save profile" is not working correctly and you are receiving error pages when you attempt to update your profile information.

    Our technicians are working on resolving this problem as we speak.  We ask for your patience as we work through this.

    Best of Life!


  • Thank you!!

  • Please let us know when the problem has been fixed. Thanks

  • how do i post a question to the community on here???

  • Thanks I tried to post my picture and it would not work:) thanks again for all your hard work

  • Hi jhartfield,

    Sorry that happened! Is there a particular error message you got, or did it time out? Did putting in image height/width values help? Let us know, and we'll definitely have the tech team take a look.


    The BFL Team