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    Hi ladies, Posting a new thread so more people may see it. I've also dealt with mild anemia and am fortunate to have a good friend who is an RD (registered dietician) and really knows her stuff! Here's what she's taught me: - many women are mildly deficient in iron without qualifying...
  • Forum Post: Supplement - Muscle Armor

    Does anyone know why this product is not available anymore, and if there is an similar alternative? I used to use this and it worked great for me with strength gain and recovery.
  • Forum Post: Beginners Supplement Question

    Hello. I'm Mitch. Im starting my 12 week journey on January 9. I'm very excited. I've never taken a supplement before, and I've been reading about Whey, Beta Gen, and Myoplex Lite. I am confused about the real difference and which is applicable. I'm 48 and hoping to lose weight and...