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  • Forum Post: Results not typical and other Wet Blankets

    I need to write about this to get it off my chest so I can move on from the "Stinking thinking" and be success oriented. Yesterday I was talking to my husband about how a lot of females don't see huge changes until week 8 or 9 in BFL. I'm in the tail end of C1W6 and I've begun...
  • Forum Post: HELP!!

    I want to succeed so badly on BFL but I do well for about half the week then lose it. How can I keep motivated and going?? I don't hate the food or the workouts (for the most part :)) I am so sick of letting myself down and making excuses. Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated.
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    Hey Guys I just want to encourage you all. I am a from Humble Texas and I started the challenge on March 7th. I started at 247 pounds and around 30% body fat. I was so tired and disgusted with my life, I was stuck in a rut. That all changed when I recently went on a trip to India. The people are so poor...