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  • Forum Post: Is This Normal?

    Hi Everyone, This is my second time around on BFL. The first time was last year; I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks but quit due to a chest infection followed by hip injury. I am only in my first week now and I am noticing a pattern that happened last year. I feel going crazy for something sweet every...
  • Forum Post: Question about snacks

    Hi, I am new to Body For Life, I know about the program but haven't done it. I am wondering if there are suggestions for snacks/protein shakes that are available in local supermarkets, Costco, etc. that are as good as the EAS Myloplex. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Kathy
  • Forum Post: Protein and oatmeal

    Does anyone have a good protein to add to oatmeal? I really love eating oatmeal in the morning. I added egg whites this morning (I read that some people do that on BFL) and I couldn't choke it down. Any suggestions? Thanks and good luck to all! Kathy
  • Forum Post: Week 3- In Need of Help & Motivation

    I am from Australia and decided to start my challenge 3 weeks ago (began 11th Feb 2011) in order to get my body in order for a big summer trip to Europe leaving May 31st. I am lucky in a sense as I have a trainer helping me through it as she knows the program well and is taking measurements etc. I am...