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  • Forum Post: "Plan, Today."

    Hello, I am Terry. I have been reading and commented on some posts of those, who, are exhausted, or overwhelmed. The reality is, yes, there will be those days. The question is, what will you do when it crashes in on you? I had a day like that yesterday. Just past the 2 week mark doing...
  • Forum Post: Help, no measurable changes in last 4 weeks!

    Hey everyone! I've been a big fan of BFL for years, and have seen some great results over that time. Unfortunately, I did a good deal of backsliding when life kinda kicked me in the rear. Before we were married, I introduced my wife to BFL and she and I both had really solid results. (since I had...
  • Forum Post: Back on track after 10 years!

    In 1999, my new year's resolution was "go to the gym and get fit". Hubby then dragged me to Healthy Life where the gorgeous girl who managed it (can't remember her name now) pulled out Bill Phillips' book "Body For Life" and showed me a picture on the jacket of a girl...