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  • Forum Post: Premade Shakes vs Protein Powdered Shake

    I couldn't choke down the protein powder shakes - too much and do not like texture. I do however love the Premade EAS shakes in the small 4pk carton. I am starting the BFL challenge on Monday and wanted to know if I can drink the premade shake and if so - how does it compare to the powder ones? Do...
  • Forum Post: Question about snacks

    Hi, I am new to Body For Life, I know about the program but haven't done it. I am wondering if there are suggestions for snacks/protein shakes that are available in local supermarkets, Costco, etc. that are as good as the EAS Myloplex. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Kathy
  • Forum Post: I'm back and on my way

    I have completed this program in the past and know for a fact it works. I am on Week 1 day 2 and have had a few set backs but more successes than set backs. I am eating better/healthier and consistently. I have worked out 2 days in a row (yeah for me) and I have reviewed my goals daily. I am looking...