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  • Forum Post: "Plan, Today."

    Hello, I am Terry. I have been reading and commented on some posts of those, who, are exhausted, or overwhelmed. The reality is, yes, there will be those days. The question is, what will you do when it crashes in on you? I had a day like that yesterday. Just past the 2 week mark doing...
  • Forum Post: Fell Off the Wagon

    This weekend was a test and boy did I fail! Yesterday I worked out then decided it was going to be a free day! This morning I woke up late and didn't get my workout in but did not do well planning so I tried sticking to a descent eating plan but the options that were available were not great! Needless...
  • Forum Post: Confessions / Please admonish me back on track?

    C1W9D6 The past week (almost week and a half, really) have been, schedule-wise, insane. It was finals week (I'm a teacher), my boys are both in sports, the oldest started daily football camp, dear husband works opposite shift (so doesn't help w kids), and my stepson just arrived for summer...