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  • Forum Post: Week 3- In Need of Help & Motivation

    I am from Australia and decided to start my challenge 3 weeks ago (began 11th Feb 2011) in order to get my body in order for a big summer trip to Europe leaving May 31st. I am lucky in a sense as I have a trainer helping me through it as she knows the program well and is taking measurements etc. I am...
  • Forum Post: Week 3 and NO WEIGHT CHANGE?

    I have finished week 3 and the scale reads the same. I have lost 1" on my waist, feel better and tighter but no weight loss. I know muscle weighs more than fat but when does the scale turn? Please help!
  • Forum Post: Grilled Chicken Wings?

    Ok, so I am a huge wing fanatic. I'm on day two, and am trying to figure out how to work wings into the meal plan... Please let me know if this is "OK" Naked Chicken Wings/Chicken Tenders: (no breading) Bake for 15 minutes at 425 Add Sauce (Franks Red Hot) Finish on the grill...
  • Forum Post: Looking for partner or support in the denver metro area. Plan to start this month..

    Looking to find a group or partner who would like to push each other stay accountable and achieve our goals.... I am very serious about this. Once I start.. GAME ON
  • Forum Post: RedRiderAK Journey in the body for life challenge

    At my heaviest I weighed 311 pounds. That was in about eight years ago. Two years ago I got down to 290. In March already story on Facebook on why I ride. The story I read inspired me to kick up my diet program. I stop eating junk food in March I haven't had any junk food from that date to today...