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  • Forum Post: Frustration

    Yesterday I ended my LBWO in tears, feeling like I had a pathetic workout, hurting because I irritated my lumbar discs, and totally disheartened. Problem 1. It seems that as I try to increase my LBWO weights, it really starts to trigger the protruding discs I have in L3 and L5 that press against the...
  • Forum Post: Met the enemy, and it is "I"; buddies wanted to hold me accountable; long time back-sliding BFLer here

    So, after massive layoffs at work this week, including two close friends, I am one of three survivors in my group. I spent a lot of time this week looking and feeling(and acting) like Jay Leno in a Doritos commercial, fat, dumb, and happy all with a straight face crunching salted carbs. On Monday, I...