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    Ok, so I am a huge wing fanatic. I'm on day two, and am trying to figure out how to work wings into the meal plan... Please let me know if this is "OK" Naked Chicken Wings/Chicken Tenders: (no breading) Bake for 15 minutes at 425 Add Sauce (Franks Red Hot) Finish on the grill...
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    Looking to find a group or partner who would like to push each other stay accountable and achieve our goals.... I am very serious about this. Once I start.. GAME ON
  • Forum Post: Help

    I got day one and three planned. Reading the Body for Life book I was planning to start on the 4th. I moved it to the 18th. Now that I have two days planned looking at going to the 11th ? On the upper and lower workouts after day three. How do I Arranged the workouts.? thank you