If you are aiming for 20gms carbs and 20gms protein in each of your six meals, as many women need to do, I think the CarbSense drink may need a carb added to it.  Maybe a handful of strawberries, or something to get you to 20gms.  Also,  if you go with the some of the best sources of complex carbs (brown rice, sweet potato, white/red potato), they are gluten free.  It looks like oats are questionable because they can be cross contaminated by wheat in processing.  But I bet you already knew that!  Is it possible to buy from manufacturers that don't use the same processing equipment?  Oh, I see Monasasha has posted about Bob Red Mill Brand.  If you can get the oatmeal, try the cottage cheese pancakes.  They are certain not to disappoint!  6 egg whites, 1 c. cottage cheese, blend and add some stevia, cinnamon, vanilla.  Then blend a cup of whole oats, but don't blend too long, or they are a little runny.  They are delicious, and the kids will get used to them too.  Because of your gluten allergy, your kids probably don't get pancakes too often, so even though these are healthy, the kids will love them!  I do admit, I add a small amount of mini morsels to some of them for my youngest three.  The two bigger boys are fine without them, and like for me to add bananas!  You are the chef, right?  I hope I got that right?  If so, I bet you can create wonders with that simple recipe!

Also, try to only use the bars for emergencies.  They just aren't as good for us as whole foods.

Sorry to hear about the intense fatigue, but keep those carb portions in your meals.  Sounds like you really need them...and you will get through this!  You are doing great!  Keep it up!  I hope something in this long post helps you!  Good luck!