Entering week 9 with a cold. :-(

  • I know Bill talks about having adversity and being able to overcome obstacles.  Here is my first real challenge since I started.  I felt a cold coming on at the end of last week and it has finally hit me head on.  I couldn't even enjoy my free day today, bummer.  Anyway, any suggestions for a quick recovery as I enter week 9? I hate the idea of missing  a day at the gym.


  • Dose up on LOTS of vitamin C (seriously...like 6000-8000mg), and get to bed early.  That usually licks it for me.  In general, you'd want to give it the above one-two punch as soon as you start sniffling, but if you keep the C coming and get plenty of rest, you should have it whipped sooner rather than later.  

  • warning....sometimes large doses of Vit C can have an adverse side affect...

    "die uhh rhee uhhh"    uh uh  uh oh run to the potty .....just saying, be warned


  • The only thing you can do is pamper the symptoms. You have to ride out the cold for a few days, but treat your symptoms and carry on best you can. Chances are, the excercise and/or cardio will loosen things up and you may feel better once your workout is done. You may not hit your 10 as hard as though you were well, but you're at least trying.

  • Having a cold can be a pain in the butt.  You can still eat clean though.  Make sure that you still get all your water in.  Get your full nights rest as well.

    As to exercise, just do something.  It may not be as intense as your regular workouts.  You should keep your body in motion somehow.

  • Thanks everyone.  Kicked it relatively quick.  Missed my Tuesday cardio but did my ub and lb and was back on the treadmill today.  It felt great.