Hitting a wall in week 4.

  • I'm 6'1'' 270 lbs (down from 285....yes!)

    So, I've lost 15 lbs......BUT, it was 8 lbs in w1, 4 in w2, 2, in w3 and 1 this week.

    I'm wearing pants I haven't been able to get into since 03-04 so that feels great, but I'm getting a little discouraged by the scale.  

    Any ideas about how to re-jumpstart my weight loss.


    And, for the record.....I'm not complaining......I'm excited that I've lost 15 lbs in less than a month.....1 lbs per week for the next 8 weeks will only equal 23 lbs.....and, for me and my goals, that is unacceptable.  


    I've also been working out even on my day off (cardio).......could this be adversely effecting my weight loss goals???

    I follow the plan 100%.

  • fesic01-Congrats on the 15# loss! That is Awesome...fyi-during my first challenge I lost 20# lbs. and you have lost 15 in 4 wks?! You are doing amazing, you say you feel great, clothes are feeling looser, etc...so I suggest you go by that instead of the scale (it is the devil!).

    I only weigh every 4 wks so I see bigger changes...also there are bigger losses in the first wk because of water wt.; you should be seeing more changes in the next several weeks, just keep following the plan and believing in the plan!

    And in my opinion, I would nix the cardio on your day off...give your body a rest then work it to the bone the other 6 days!

    Best wishes on your next several weeks! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Congratulations, what an accomplishment!  I dont have alot of experience, but I think you should mentally offset the weight loss with the amount of muscle you are gaining simultaneously.  It's wonderful you're down 15, but I bet your percentage of fat is measurably down as well.  Keep up the good work, and dont get discouraged.  You may need to do more than one challenge if total weight loss is what you're after.  Rapid weight loss is often followed by rapid weight gain, so you are really doing it the right way in that your body is now losing at a steadier and healthier pace.  I agree 100% with DebMo and  say to take the day off once a week, you dont wont to fizzle out.  You could injure yourself, and that would delay you more in the long run and your goals.  Just keep up the great work!