Massive retreat; backsliding, veteran BFLer cover boy in need of advice

  • First, I started BFL in June 2007 and it forever changed my life.  I was morbidly obese at 233 lbs. , (which is 80 lbs. over my target weight).  BFL changed that in less than six months!  Got down to 145 lbs. through following the plan to a tee.  Became the fastest man on football team at age 46.  My bench press went up to a personal high.  Local YMCA used my photos as a before and after shot. 

    Anyway, over the years I have struggled.  I had an operation in 2009 to fix a torn abductor muscle, which set me back.  Further I had other minor issues such as knee problems, referenced pain in leg and back problems.  I enjoyed P90X but lost my workout room due to a family situation.

     Lately all this has caught up with me.  Due to stress at work, I am over-eating again.  My free day has become somewhat of a 12 hour binge.  I cannot stop eating on the free day.  I eat too much bread and dead carbs during the regular week.  I am missing work outs due to a busy schedule, child issues, massive issues at work, and simply trying to be everywhere at one time.  What's more, I am aging, and believe my metabolism is finally showing signs of slowing.

    What can I do to re-ignite the spirit of 2007?  I can start from Day One, but that seems guaranteed to fail. 

    Anyway, here is my current diet:

    Breakfast:   egg whites, fried lightly, apple

    Mid-morning snack:  half bag of peanuts; cheese stick;

    Lunch:  Subway sandwich less than 300 calories and apple slices.  Or salad with chicken.

    Mid-afternoon:  spoonful of peanut butter, apple

    Dinner:  baked chicken and veggies, usually or something comparable.

    Late night:  where I am supposed to have just cottage cheese but usually breakfast cereal, or crackers, cheese sticks, peanuts, protein bar or some combination.

    Work out:  M, W, F:  Weight training and stretching

    Cardio: T, Thur, Sat.

    Thanks for any advice, inspiration or ideas on how I can re-ignite this system to work for me.






  • Find a very strong "why".  And if that doesn't work, do it anyway.  Make a promise to no one else but yourself.  Make this about only you if need be.   Even if that is what you do, you will be blessing so many other people without even realizing it.  Just my 2 cents. :)

    Push so hard even your potential cries for mercy.
  • Read the original book again if you have it.  If you don't, buy it.  It can be picked up for next to nothing on Amazon.  Buy the DVD's too, I am waiting mine to come.  A set of 4 for £2!!!  I had a set and lost them along the way somewhere.

    Look at all these people who have done BFL yourself included (like me) and let's just do it again.  I am 20lbs heavier than when I started my first challenge BUT I have quit smoking.

    We did it BEFORE we can do it AGAIN.

    Want to know about my user name?

    It was from an interview on Oprah.  The author said get a BACKBONE not a WISHBONE.  Feel your inner warrior rise up to take the challenge.  12 weeks to physical AND mental strength.  Focus on how you felt when you had your after pics taken and try and feel the feeling you had then.   Good luck WE can do this!!

    Focus on how far you have come, not about how far you have to go.

  • i'll echo what backbone said, read the body for life book. it works.

    My success is your success.

  • Hey there 65PowerTrap!

    You may not want to come back after reading below... but sometimes we just gotta hear what we don't want to hear... so sorry...

    Glad you are here in the forum's reaching out... If you were successful before.. like me and backbone and millions of others... you can be successful again. I sincerely hope you do this for you because splitting yourself amongst all your responsibilities and forgetting about yourself is a one way ticket to high blood pressure, obesity, heart problems and so much mental stress - depression (you may have experienced this way back before you began...)

    As barb said.. please re read the original book, I can see BIG problems in your food above and not being able to control freeday means you will get nowhere... you need to break that cycle.. this is my two cents worth...

    Are you using Fist/Palm for measuring... are you drinking a gallon of water a day? I think for you "replacement meal shakes twice a day" or protein in water and a carb would help you along the way (these are especially good for strength workouts (during and post)

    Breakfast:   egg whites, fried lightly, apple (how many? you need a lot if you are up near that weight again - carb may be too low to keep you satisfied till next meal - aim for 30gms each of carb and protein)

    Mid-morning snack:  half bag of peanuts; cheese stick; (sorry, but this is just all fat with no substance.. you need to get at least 30gm of protein and 30grms of carbs at each meal - this will not fill you up... almonds are a good nut to have, but you should only have about 12 WITH a protein and a carb)

    Lunch:  Subway sandwich less than 300 calories and apple slices.  Or salad with chicken. (subway is not the greatest (bread) and you are doubling up with the apple (another carb) - protein will probably be under as well - calories size is good, but not right mix.. - salad and chicken is great, but where is the carb for energy)

    Mid-afternoon:  spoonful of peanut butter, apple (so sorry.. I hope you take this in the right spirit buddy.. - bad, bad, bad - more fats with little satsifaction, very little protein - 30gm/30gm - remember this - you very rarly need to add extra fats - if you do - use a thin layer of avocado as a butter on a big chicken, salad wrap - perfect meal) I would normally say save peanut butter for freeday, but you way too many issues to do this....

    Dinner:  baked chicken and veggies, usually or something comparable - great - (is there potato or pumpkin or another "BFL Carb" in this as well?)

    Late night:  where I am supposed to have just cottage cheese but usually breakfast cereal, or crackers, cheese sticks, peanuts, protein bar or some combination. (I think you get the gist..... the only thing you should be having out of this lot is cottage cheese with some berries of some kind, the protein bar is ok in a crisis, but not the best thing to go to sleep on cottage cheese has casein protein, slow digesting - good to go to bed on.....  - the rest is UNAUTHORISED - harsh word.. but it's a fact mate.... you can't keep going for the easy grab stuff otherwise you will get no where... cheese sticks and peanuts and peanut butters - bad, bad, bad...


    You obviously have bad addictions to freeday types of foods... through my own experience and what i've read on here this is what I'd like to say...

    You need to go cold turkey for 2 weeks on your worst freeday type of food - if not all! Deal with the headaches and the withdrawals, then on the third week - have a FREE MEAL not a FREEDAY!  Of course it depends on what you really want to achieve here... I think you sound desperate enough to want to make LASTING changes... just like I am this time... so I'm willing to DO WHAT IT TAKES to get me there - ARE YOU?


    Do you do your HIT session in the morning on an empty stomach and wait 45 minutes?

    When you do your strength training are you drinking a quick take up protein and carbs during and after to rebuild muscle? Are you eating asap after a strength work out?

    Are you hitting "high points or 10's" ?

    Well.. that's enough for now... if you are game for more and serious about changing your life and your ways.. please come and join the thread called

    "Calling all Lifers" - Jan 6th game day" - there is a big group going great guns that could support you along the way

    I wish you all the best!


  • WOW. This hit home.

    Hey, TOSStheTRAP! : ) I can sympathize...I really can. I have been in a few competitions. Body building, then said screw THAT depletion, and did the softer Bikini and Fitness disciplines. (just to say I can, and did at my age) I placed in my age group each time. I even made it in a magazine - nothing fancy, just a stage shot in a line up, but still, it was big for this small town grandma! What happens after a competition is similar to what you went through I assume. Once a person decides "its over", the water weight comes back on within days. Im talking 10 pounds sometimes. Its horrifying! We feel we are in the best shape of our LIFE, but really aren't. competitors are actually at their worst shape physically - on a health level. And I so get it how you want to keep "that look", for yourself, and to not let others see you fail, and go back to where you started.

    Yes Im trying to compete again...yes I know what weight I want to be, because I know how it feels to be a certain weight....but Im here. With BFL, and following IT to make it happen. Im eating 6 times a day, but choosing the better carb choices, hitting true 10s. YOU KNOW how to do it. YOU also know how hard it can and will be. You need to dig deep and JUST START.

    You may benefit from a post competition session that competitiors go to to understand what happens mentally and physically AFTER a comp. Or google it, there is a lot of info on the web. No one but someone who has been through what you have can fully understand....Again, I sympathize, and am here for ya dude! Chin up! You came to the right place!

    Maybe keep looking at those pics of when you were Champ. I have a slew of pics I took weekly, and they really are helping ME now, to see my abilities. To know I CAN be strong, disciplined, personally satisfied. Your body can LOOK amazing, but its the head that needs the transformation the most. Train that mind, the body will follow. :)

    Im glad you are here.

  • TOSStheTRAP Ditto what Debs and Legsy said. You'll get honesty and support from those two. :)

  • I love the training.  I hate the is one of my hang ups

  • Thanks!  I just get so dang hungry.

  • I might just join you all.  I have to re-read the book.

  • Glad to be here.  Again.  Chin up.  Forks down.

  • Thanks!  10-4.

  • WOOOOOOOOOOP! Good for you! see you there!


  • Regarding the hunger: I recommend having a lot of chopped veggies on hand. My 21/2 gallon box of carrots and celery were critical outlet to get through hunger pains in the first few weeks. Extra plain veggies are not going to through you off track.  

  • Your metabolism is slowing cause you eat like a bird. Count macros and eat more!