Challenge 2014

  • Just started my Challenge. I'm 34, I'm married with four wonderful children, full time student and volunteer as well. I've been down this road plenty of times before. I've tried this challenge a dozen times over the years yet never completed one. Always derailed myself on that 2-3week mark. 

    Something is different this time. I have that inner fire and self motivation that's got me focused this time around.

    A new chapter in my life starts with this challenge, I'm in control of the story and I've decided I'm going to have some fun with it.

    Good Luck to everyone in this years challenge!!

  • HI there ER!

    Good for you making the decision!  Previously when you tried this and dropped out at 2-3 weeks..., had you been part of a team to help you through the tough points?  If not, I would like to invite you to drop in on the thread below and read how inspiring it is to be part of a group that want you to succeed and FINISH the 12 weeks no matter what!

    I wish you all the best and hope to see you!



  • Hi Debs,

    Thanks for the invite. already added it to my favorite threads and updated my profile a bit.

    You'll see me in the threads along with the group soon!

  • Good Afternoon all,

    I was inspired to join this group becausr of Debs. This is my 3rd to 4th go round. This is a new chapter of my life and Im simply trying to make this change. Im trying the advice that Deb gives. I want to train for the Brooklyn marathon while doing this. Taking it one day at a time.

    Just finished running 5miles. Fractured my ankle last year and I simply want to make a stronger me.

    Enjoy your weekend.  Thank you for the support and invite.


    Giving love to oneself one day at a time.