first day at gym

  • had my first day at the gym today and loved it done some cardio work and some weight training so that's me on the road to fitness and a new healthier life just have to sort out a routeine and stick to it . does anyone have any tips for me as this world is all new to me I want to be the best I can be

  • one top tip is to keep a record of what you are lifting & what exercises you are doing. its good to get a base line of what you are starting at. have you downloaded the eating for life & training for life worksheets.

    best of luck to you & congratulations for starting at the gym.


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  • Congratulations on getting started!

    I noticed that you said you did cardio and weights in the same trip.

    My tip is to be a on a rotation; lower body, cardio, upper body, and cardio. Every week you would do three cardio routines and if you start with lower body on Monday that would be done again on Friday with Wednesday being a lower body day. The next week the upper body and lower body days would be in reverse, so it would be two lower bodies and one upper body.

    Breaking down the 12 weeks you will do 36 cardio days and  18 workouts each that are focused on upper and lower body.

    After four weeks switch up the exercises for your individual muscle groups for your weight routines. Switch again four weeks after that.

    God News: The 84 days does go quickly once you get in a routine. The routine comes with planning. Make sure you go to the gym each day with a plan of exactly what you are going to do. You should also plan out your meals to avoid being faced with bad food options.

  • Hey wille40,  

    Best advice I ever got was this, "Just one more day".  Just go tomorrow.  Then what the heck, go the next day.  No matter what, just show up and do that 1 thing for yourself.  When you are excited to go, go.  When you don't feel like going, go.  That's it. :)

    Push so hard even your potential cries for mercy.