Celebrate Your Blah Days

  • It would be great if we meet every workout with a ton of energy. The truth: Those that say they do, are lying. We all have Blah Days.

    Fortunately on most days, I have felt great about working-out. Today, however, was not one of those days. I woke up with low energy, was a little stiff, and felt downright blah!

    This carried over into my workout. As result the energy I expended doing cardio was not on par with recent cardio workouts.

    Nevertheless, today’s workout deserves celebrating more than the ones when I have felt accomplished and proud of my effort.


    Because I did it!

    Be honest. How many times have you skipped a workout because you felt blah?

    I bet you it’s more than you remember. That’s alright because we are all guilty.

    One more time for honesty. How many times did that missed workout lead to you missing the next workout, and the one after that?

    Yep, that’s probably a pretty high number too. Looking back, it was the Blah Day that throw us off track.

    That’s why I choose to celebrate my blah days. Because when I workout on a Blah Day, I am still on track, and one day closer to reaching my goals.

  • Great post Dan!  I celebrate with you!  Way to go.  it is all about the goal and moving forward.  

  • You are so right Dan. I had a great workout yesterday and most of my day went really good. I had something at work yesterday that postponed my lunch til 2:30. I also strained my back. I felt a drop off in energy and was down thinking I wasn't going to be able to workout this morning. When my alarm went off at 4:00 am this morning I thought about "resting my back". Hitting the snooze was one of the patterns that I am trying to change so I decided to get up and at least try to work out. I did   ( being extra mindful of form ) and actually had a very good workout! I feel really good about overcoming an excuse.

    I mean if we want to stay how we are we just need to keep doing the same things. If we want to change we have to change our patterns. Lets move forward!