following the program as written.

  • I am realy exceited about the bfl program, it seems to be based on logic and common sense. However after searching the web, I have heard several champions describe there routines and they did not seem to follow the book. A couple of them stated they spent up to two hours in the gym each day. My question is simpley do u guys follow the routine as it is written and can i expect the transformation shown in the before and after pics by following the plan as it is written. Thanks for any comments and advise. Greatly appreciated.

  • I am doing the program basically as it is laid out with a few exceptions. I think nearly everybody makes a few alterations. However, I don’t think you should feel like you need to alternate it. This is not my first time through this and I can tell you from past experiences that sticking to the program works.

    Here is what I am doing different:

    1. 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes of cardio.

    2. I have added 5 sets of 25 crunches to every workout. My goal is to do approximately 3,000 crunches a month.

    3. My weight workouts take a little longer than the book says. Usually it takes me a little over an hour to do an upper body workout. This is something I probably should improve by picking up my intensity.

    The most important is to start and stick with it. You will see results!

  • I lost 55 pounds following it as it is written. When I stopped I slowly gained it back.

  • Hey, Iron Man! What I've noticed (and experienced) is that generally people start with a baseline (here, following the program as written), and then once they are in the groove, make adjustments based on their personal needs and goals. For example, I have a crazy slow metabolism, so for my cardio, I do 20 minutes of the High Intensity Interval Training (as written) and I add another 20 minutes of cardio at 70% of my MHR for fat burning. I get better results this way. It's also always a good idea to change things up about every 4 weeks - partially for your body, and mostly for your mind!! :)  

    Definitely give the plan a chance as written first, though, then use resources and others who have experience to help you tweak your program! :)

    Best of luck!!

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  • Judging from MissKimmie I'm way out of shape.  I'd die if I tried 20 minutes of high intensity cardio followed by 20 minutes at 70%.  Makes me think there is no point.  I haven't read the program yet but if that's the recommendation for beginners beginners must be in pretty darn good shape to start with.  I do an hour of full body weight training every day, moving quickly from one exercise to another, and doing a 30-60 second cardio burst between sets. This gets my heart rate up and me breathing heavy.  I also do warm up on the eliptical and a post work out stretch.  I'm just starting, plus I'm in my mid 50s.  is this progran geared more to the mid 30 and younger group?  If so,  it's not going to be much help to me.  :-(

  • Vammy,

    BFL is for ANYone at ANY age! I'm 40, by the way. ;)  Don't use me as a measuring stick by any means - and that was 20 minutes of INTERVALs (Have a look at the Workout Guides in the Library!) followed by 20 minutes at 70% - not 20 minutes of high intensity first. I have a high-revving heart and it doesn't take much for me to pass my max heart rate - I have to use a heart monitor to track it. So once again - this is for EVERYone! :)  It sounds like you have been working away and are ready to go!

    One difference is that BFL does upper/lower body split. One day is UBWO, then cardio, then LWBO, then cardio - rinse and repeat! I'm sure you know the purposes and benefits of splits versus whole body (if not, please say so - I just don't want to be pedantic!) .

    Have you looked at the book?? It will show you what all of this is based on. :)

    Best of luck!


    It's never too late to become what you might have been. -George Eliot

    Gluten-free, Flexetarian, Eating Clean!

    Proud mom of boys, LEO wife, English teacher, fitness enthusiast - ready to get my challenge on!

  • Hello Iron Man,

    To chime in, I have been on the program for two weeks now and it has served me well. It has truly, truly been beneficial to read the book and truly understand the HOW's and WHY's of what we are doing here. It is an easy read, and the author (Bill) walks through the entire program from A-Z. His instruction has helped me internalize this program to what it should be.

    I believe it would be beneficial for anyone here who has doubts or questions to read through his book. As for me, I am a better person already for it. Not only have I already lost pounds "imperfectly" following the BFL program over the past 2 weeks, in addition, my confidence in what he spells out in the book has greatly increased. It's like seeing the end from the beginning and know what to expect before it happens. He sets EXPECTATIONS. Yesterday I started WEEK 3 and I am still tweeking it to perfection as I go.

    I do agree that this program is for anyone and both his book and WORKbook lay out plenty of examples from all age groups and perceived limiting beliefs!!

    I urge you, for your sake (if you haven't done so yet) and anyone else here looking to CHANGE THEIR BODIES for LIFE to

    READ THE BOOK!! It will serve you well.



  • Thanks for the imput guys. For those of u just starting the program, it is for any one at any age healthy enough to work out. the diet is simple to understand and the work out  can b done at your own pace.I just found it interesting that so many of the champions were doing routines not described in the book. Also curious about what type of results could be expected by following the plan as written. but anyway i enjoy the chalenge and am enjoying this forum. its good to have support from people with similar goals. happy new years.

  • What about the new workout plan via the Bill Phillips Transformation website?  The UB & LB workouts are now only 25 minutes long with 10 reps of 5 exercises for 5 sets.  Is anyone using this method?

  • toucansan: Bill is now marketing to a different sub-set, those who are looking to just increase their health some and lose a little weight.  His new program is way less hardcore.  I'm not putting him/it down.  Some just want to do somewhat better and there's not a thing wrong with that.  For transformation... Body-for-LIFE!  Also... Bill no longer owns the rights to Body-for-LIFE, and as a master marketer, kinda needed something new... though not better.  

    Dan M: Abs are muscles like any other group, and therefore, like other groups, need to rest and recover.  Also, the workouts... really do try and do within the time.  The intensity is part of the equation.  It really takes some getting used to.  And remember that getting a 6 pack, which I assume is your goal with all those crunches, isn't about crunches.  Abs are made in the kitchen!  

    Iron Man: I did the program EXACTLY as written.  Here is the dropbox link to my pictures:

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  • In the past I have found that results come quickly when I do things by the book. No tweaking carb portions or doing extra cardio ever worked. :)

  • Slow and steady wins the BfL race every time. :)

  • weight workous always seem to take me about 70 75 minutes also, longer than 45!

  • The strength training, when done as prescribed, is meant to have a cardio benefit.  

    INTENSITY!  ....though controlled.  Don't just throw the weights up and down.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • i have not been taking a minute between each set, is that ok? my workouts are lasting bout 35-40 mins.

    I need to get more dumbell weights, i am working with what i have.

    Also, just to make sure i am doing it right. We do 5 sets right? we do the 1st set of 2, the 2nd set of 10, the 3rd set of 8, the 4th set of 6, then the 5th set of 12 followed by another quick set of 12 of something else..?