• PLEASE.....please tell me this is worth it!! I am on week 4 now I dropped 18 lbs so far but I crashed!!! I am struggling for help!  I am going through a very bad diverse and miss my son, after my X's boyfriend called me threatening me for caring for her when she found out she had brain cancer I gave up, I feel week, I stopped going to the gym and broke my diet.. $ is tight on my end and so is time.... I finally pulled myself up out of my pity and  went back to the gym today but now I am having a hard time with my diet and craving comfort food.  I feel ugly and useless, I shaved all the hair off my body from my neck down and look at my self in the mirror and just see fat, I have been told I am not fat but I cant stop feeling that way at times.... Is 6'1 220 fat? I will try my best to get back on track by the end of this week but at times I feel pulling a trigger is the easier way to make a transformation.  ANY advise would be welcome thank you!

  • Just DON'T quit!! You've Got this! 18 pounds in 4 weeks is absolutely amazing!  Life gets tough but you've got to let everyone know how strong you really are! Don't let others bring you down.  Remember that "any man who moves a mountain begins by removing small stones.". One pound at a time, one inch at a time, one day at a time.  Stick with it and your confidence WILL return. Hang in there and keep your chin up! We're here for you!

  • Don't give up on BFL.  Some things in life you just can't control, no matter how badly you wish you could.  However, you can control what you eat and whether or not you workout.  Sounds like you need something to feel positive about, and eating well and working out is a start.  Hang in there.

  • Hittin Them Weights, hope you're having a better day today.  First off, if you're truly feeling suicidal, I hope you seek out appropriate help for you.  

    In regards to BFL, man, you're doing AWESOME!  18 lbs in 4 weeks.  What you're going through right now is an uncontrollable moment in life.  You need to find the things you can control, and take control of those things.  Hit the gym.  Eat healthy.  Those 2 things are 2 things YOU control!  Yes, I know you want comfort food, but think about having your best body, and how happy you'll be once you obtain that best body!  Get as much sleep as you can.  I think a lot of people don't think enough about sleep, and that is one of the crucial ingredients in developing a healthy body.  Your body needs time to rest, recover, and grow, and sleeping is the time it does this the best.  Drink plenty of water.  These are all things you can take control of in your life.  I understand the money being tight thing.  It's very tight on this side too.  I do what I can, and try not to stress over it.  It is what it is.  I try to budget as best as I can, and I've had to make cuts in other areas.  Turns out not having cable has not killed me!  It allows me to read, research and get to bed earlier!  Never realized how much time I wasted on TV.  For news, I went to Walmart and bought a digital set of rabbit ears, and I get 3, 9 and 12 with those babies.  May not get all the sports I want, but hey, as you said, money is tight, and that's just the reality of it.  

    Stay focused.  Visit this forum for support.  There's always someone here to support you.  You made the decision to change, and the change you're seeing right now is just the beginning of it.  Keep focused and you'll love the changes you see!  Good luck!


  • We'd love an update!  How are you feeling today? I hope your doing well and that today is a little brighter than the last few days. Just wanted to check on ya!

  • Life is always tough and likes to throw curve balls at you while your on the mound especially. I say get back on that horse and ride and finish the race in style. My wife had a minor heart attack at the very end of my last challenge and I still managed to get workouts in and attend to her emotional and health needs while finishing in style and she even helped take the final photos for me later on. Hang in there and Keep Moving Forward , we all know you can do it despite the challenges of life.

  • Thank you, I been back at it the past few days, I am feeling good again about myself but have my moments, I need to block out my emotions at this point, This diet and exercise plan really is making me feel great inside and out and that is what I am looking for..... I GOT THIS! like you said I tripped on a small rock but I WILL move mountains! This is my life and I will not let anything ruin it...... I WANT THIS!!!!

  • Thank you mike, at times I tent to be weak and let the uncontrollable things control me.  Im back in the game and feeling good at the moment and reading these comments really motivates me.  I thank you and everyone else.  

  • Today I am back in the game! I'm feeling good.  I hit a low point in my life and am using the pain to drive out the positive.  I keep my mind focused and clear by working out.  I feel so fit compared to a month ago, I wish I did not lose the week or so being down however I am not out for $$ here I am here for me and my son's future.  Maybe after this challenge I will return to college and better my education to get career that helps and effects peoples lives.