Day Five

  • Thanks RPulido.
      I'm hoping to inspire some of my family members also.  I have a sibling who was thin all of her life, never had to watch what she ate.  Now she has put on about 70lbs.  I've tryed to get her involved in  any type of activity that would help her and I lose weight, but she is super resistant.  I know that she feels bad about herself much like I did before I dedicated 12 weeks to the BFL program.
    This is My day 5.  I am doing pretty well except last night I had 2 lite beers and some microwave popcorn while watching Breaking Bad.  I know it does not sound like much but I know it is important to follow the program to a tee if I expect it to work.  Working til 4pm and have my lower body work out this evening....going to hit it extra hard and hit the abs as well.

    Got ahead of the game by cooking chicken, brocolli and potatoes for the week.  Going to GNC after work to buy some Myoplex lite powder and EAS lean 15 bars, already have the betagen.

    It's important for me to remember...this is not a one week, or 3 week or 6week program, it's a 12 week rogram.  Gotta be prepared for it all.

    Hope eveyone has a great Labor Day

  • Thank you, Pennyready for dharing that. It's good to keep in mind that results do come with time and patience. Rome wasnt built in one day. How did you challenge go? Has your sibling pick up the BFL challenge yet?