2 weeks in and feeling PUMPED!!

  • I am 2 weeks into this and going at it HARD! I have so much energy now, less stress, and most of all I am starting to LOVE myself and it feels GREAT! Each day that goes by I can not wait to hit the gym and give it my all and let all this built up pain out on the weights.  In a 2 week period I have dropped 17lbs and moved my belt 2 notches back.  I had SO much doubt about this program however I am noticing a lot of change not just in my body but in my mind! I need to improve both and already by the end of week 2 there are tears in my eyes knowing I am not the piece of *** that I thought I was. I am someone and I will prove to the world that I can do something when I want to put my mind to it! I do not know if I am taking proper supplements and refuse to call EAS because I am tight on cash and feel they will try to upsale me products.  I am taking Myoplex original (Build Muscle) 2x a day, protein bars and 20g protein shakes in the morning and at night.  I follow up my diet very simple due to my hectic schedule with weight control oatmeal in the morning with my protein shake, a protein bar for a snack, 1 can of tuna in the afternoon,  6 egg white omelet in the evening. I hope this is good enough I broke down that I am consuming 180-200g of protein a day and the cal. intake to about 1500 a day not to mention what I burn off at the gym when I am hitting the weights hard for a hour or doing my cardio. I am feeling GREAT already and its only week 2.  Does what I am doing sound good or will i have to break out my wallet for more supplements?  Any suggestions are welcome.  I am not doing this to win ether I am doing it for ME, My SON, Winner or not for EAS, I will BE A WINNER within myself!

  • Congradulations sounds like your on your way....Don't forget a couple of vegetable during the day

  • thank you.... Great advice, I am use to a fast food menu, lol. I am so pumped!

  • AWESOME!!!! keep it up. Don't worry about contacting EAS, this place really is here to help. You know your budget stick to it. Financial health is just as important as physical health. Buying in bulk maybe a great option. Sams Club and others are good for that, check into it. I am in week 9 and really enjoying my transformation. Best to you.