Day one

  • Good morning Susie27. Yes I did enjoy my cocktails and turkey on rye with French fries. But the difference I hope now is that my cheat days will come after 6 BFL days.

    I hope you enjoyed your day with your father.

    Enjoy your cheat day. I'm sure you earned it with all of that ass kicking cardio.

  • Yes I enjoyed my cheat day with a turkey sandwich French fries and cocktails, delicious but this morning's indigestion is having me ready for 6 good BFL days.

    I hope you day with your dad was great. It's cool that you make good time for him.

    Enjoy your cheat day.  I'm sure you earned it after a week of ass kicking cardio.

    Happy Labor Day weekend

  • Susie27 I replied twice but they keep disappearing so not sure if you got them. Something is goofy with this site when I access it from ipad ?

  • Congrats. I turn 47 in Oct, right after I wrap up week 12. In 8 weeks of doing this program i have seen a tremendous change, great thing is I am not the only one. After just a few weeks my family and friends started to notice. Stick with it. If you don;t quit it will definitely work

  • Thanks RPulido.

     I'm hoping to inspire some of my family members also.  I have a sibling who was thin all of her life, never had to watch what she ate.  Now she has put on about 70lbs.  I've tryed to get her involved in  any type of activity that would help her and I lose weight, but she is super resistant.  I know that she feels bad about herself much like I did before I dedicated 12 weeks to the BFL program.

    This is My day 5.  I am doing pretty well except last night I had 2 lite beers and some microwave popcorn while watching Breaking Bad.  I know it does not sound like much but I know it is important to follow the program to a tee if I expect it to work.  Working til 4pm and have my lower body work out this evening....going to hit it extra hard and hit the abs as well.

    Got ahead of the game by cooking chicken, brocolli and potatoes for the week.  Going to GNC after work to buy some Myoplex lite powder and EAS lean 15 bars, already have the betagen.

    It's important for me to remember...this is not a one week, or 3 week or 6week program, it's a 12 week rogram.  Gotta be prepared for it all.

    Hope eveyone has a great Labor Day

  • Hi Penny,

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend, got some R&R?  That's important too.  I had good visit with Dad Saturday (had him Sunday too since my sister is unavailable to get him for a few weeks, she usually has him on Sundays).

    I enjoyed spaghetti with meat sauce and 2 beers.  Well yesterday I had digestion troubles so my workout was not quite as intense as should have been.  I ate too much.  That won't happen again.  I didn't get on the computer and I went to bed really early last night, that's why I wasn't on this forum yesterday.

    Felt good today and shopped for more meal planning.  I need to work on that too.  I still have moments where I want something really sweet to eat, yikes.  Hopefully that will get easier and I'll adapt better to the clean eating.

    This weekend I am getting Betagen and I am not sure which of the other supplements I'll get.  I am still excited about making progress.

    BTW,  that's great you like your job.  What a difference that makes in one's life overall..Congrats.

    Tomorrow is lower body, my day 10.  Will work hard!

    Have a great hump day.

  • Hi Susie

    Spaghetti and beer sounds like a great cheat meal. Glad you had good time with dad. Did you all do anything fun?

    Someone on another thread wrote me that alcohol slows the metabolisn for 2 days and that maybe challengers should consider not drinking during challenge......NOT gona happen. That's a part of my cheat day that I really look forward to after a long work and work out week, but based on that info I will make sure to drink less on my cheat day.

    I went to GNC last night only to find out that they do not sell EAS products any more.  I am going to purchase online today.

    I also started Betagen today, orange flavor pretty good.  I used to mix it with the Myoplex lite shake, that was good.

    Worked hard on upper body this morning, feel good today..........c'mon cheat day  :-D

  • Hi Penny,

    Wow, I sure did not know about the extended alcohol effect on metabolism.  Your comment makes me laugh and I agree!

    I better keep it to a minimum. Darn.

    My visits with Dad are a bit low key since he likes sneaking in naps throughout the day.  But he does pretty good for 91.  We  usually hang out at my house, he used to love golf so he enjoys watching tournaments on tv, with one eye closed!  His walking has slowed down a lot so we take it easy.

    I found that out about no EAS at GNC today.  I ordered Betagen on Ebay and haven't purchased the Myoplex yet.

    Today was upper body for me also.  I now need to get a couple sets of heavier weights to get a better workout and I need to go online to gather more upper and lower body exercises for variety.  I am so glad that I have finally begun this challenge because I need it so much for good health in general.  I have done NOTHING but some walking, for 5 years!!!  So I am really psyched to stick with this program!!!  

    Have a great day tomorrow!  

  • Hi Susie,

    I was able to find my EAS supplies a a store called "the Vitamin Shoppe'" it's a chain so mabe there is one in your area.  It's a good spot.

    Hey any time with your dad is good time I'm sure.  If he used to play golf he probably still loves watching it.   You made me think about taking my father to the movies and lunch on Saturday.  My mother is going on a day trip with some of her girlfreinds.

    I had a pretty good cardio and abs workout this morning.  Bought some chicken and vegies to work along with a cottage cheese and yougurt and some myoplex lite to mix up tonight.  I work til 9 this evening so I'm gonna want a snack.

    Today's day one of week 2 for me and I'm stil feeling stoked about the challenge.

    Have a great Thursday

  • Day 9 and still goilg strong,  but I'll be honest I am ready for a free day....and tomorrow it's here.

    Worked on legs this morning.  Made sure to sweat it out and murder some fat.

    working til 7 so five hours til my weekend begins.

    Hop everybody is still on track

    Have a great Friday

  • Hi Penny I did the BFL challenge 12 years ago and it dramatically changed my life both physically and mentally.  I did very well for two years.  Then I faced some of the most challenging aspects of my life.  It's way too long and depressing but just try to imagine the worst case scenario.  I have been off work for three years now how I even made it that long I'll never understand.  I've been through every possible treatment for depression.  And I mean everything.  I decided today that I'm going to go back to practicing Bills plan because if I don't I may not have a life.  I'm getting long winded I will just say stick to the program it is not only physically beneficial but keeps you mentally sound.  All the best in your journey.

  • Hi k9luther,

    Congradulations on your new challenge, I'm sure you will be great on it.  Sorry for your depression, I'm imaginging your worst case scenario and it's not pretty, so sorry for that too.

    I had a bad BFL weekend.  I took my free Saturday too far and gained alot of weight back .. in fact I took it into Sunday.  Needless to say I'm not feeling great about myself today, but these forums definitley help.  Time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back in gear.  Hopefully I learn from my mistakes.  I wiull take your advice and stick to the program.  It is day 12 for me.  

  • Hey Susie,

    Haven't heard from ypu in  a few days.  Hope all is well with you.  

  • Hey Penny!!  Sorry, it was a busy weekend.  Had Dad both sat  & sun.  and was beat in the evenings.  I usually get home after 9p.m., not late but felt like it was and I have been staying up a bit late.  I know, my fault. Ha.

    I have messed up and my cheat day also went from sat through sun.. Not really bad but also I missed a WO the end of last week as well as no cardio on sat... also I had not always had 2 glasses water with the 3 meals.  Yikes.

    I need to STICK WITH the program like you said! I haven't lost a single lb. Wow. At least it is early in the game but I NEED to really stay on track.  Just focus on doing it right week by week.... my montra.

    Yes there sure is a vitamin shop here, thanks for mentioning that.  

    Hang in there Penny, I know this challenge is really all that - a big challenge.  I still want to devour sweet stuff every day.

    Have a great Tuesday! :>)

  • k9luther,   Welcome to the challenge.  I am sorry for the challenges you have endured.  It sounds like this challenge has really remarkable benefits.  

    I hope I will do a better job than I have with it.  I have been umemployed since feb.and I am concerned about the negative effect that the stress can/does have on me physically and mentally.  I live alone and I do not like that and need to handle things as best I can.. Hoping this challenge will help me.