New to BFL

  • Hi folks, nearing the end to my 3rd week on BFL.  To be honest largely enjoying the challenge but was hoping for some advice and guidance. 

    I'm a small male, 5'6, 144 pounds, about 17-18% Body fat, aged 38.  Looking to reduce body fat so I can tone abs but also eventually love to increase upper body strength.  I know I shouldn't panic but even now despite making in roads, I look in the mirror and think to myself whats the point?  I can't see any change.  

    I'm doing the exercises but I'm not that strong so struggle at the weights.  I also fear that I'm not able to eat 6 meals a day (due to shift work) so I'm skipping some of the times for example meals 2, 4 and 6 get missed.  However despite this I'm cutting out all fast food, and generally eating things like steam brown rice,, cous cous, grilled salmon, grilled turkey, steamed vegetables etc for the main meals and drinking more water in my life than I have ever done so before!

    Basically looking for some guidance regarding the best way to achieve my goals so I can keep pushing on.  

  • Greetings and Welcome Constcrepe,  I can understand the difficulty about the meals, remember they only have to be nutritious snacks for the inbetween ones, smaller meals. Perhaps a piece of approved fruit (melons, small bananas, pineapple, apples , grapes etc) or a handful of low salt lower fat nuts, with some water (drink lots of it, its summer anyway better to stay hydrated, drink those 8 glasses) . Sounds like food wise you are on the right track with the salmon, turkey, veggies etc. How about a salad as one of the meals or something healthy in a pita bread if you have to. I have used low fat mozzerella cheese sticks as well and drink Sobee on the way home instead of soda pop. Get creative and I am sure it will work out for you. Sandwich bags and small sealable containers help with the smaller meals by the way, as does a small cooler bag as well. Hope this helps you out. Keep Moving Forward!!!  Plan Plan Plan helps too!

  • The mid-meals are just important as the 3 other meals, so you really need to find a way to squeeze them in to your busy day.  The six meals gets your metabolism moving, and continually fuels your body throughout the day.  I would recommend bars or shakes (bars may be your best option, as you can have one in your pocket and pull it out).  Heck, if you have to, take out a bar, take a bite, wrap it back up and put it back in your pocket for a minute while you continue doing your job.  Then take another quick bite when you get another chance.  Squeeze in that mid-meal somehow.  Remember to use the size of your palm for your protein portion, the size of your fist for your carb portion, and get some healthy fat in there too.  Sounds like you're doing good with water.

    Follow the workout, exactly how the book describes it, and you should see an increase in strength.  Don't forget to switch up your exercises every now and then to keep your body guessing.  Your body changes from the inside out.  You're only 3 weeks into the program, you may not see a lot of changes yet, but they're happening.  You may want to take pictures at Week 4 and compare them to your before pictures.  I don't usually see changes in my body when I look in the mirror, but pictures will let you see a lot of changes.  Just remember, it's a 12 week program.  My best weeks of my first 12 week program were weeks 9-12.  So, I would've never experienced those weeks had I quit and not gotten that far in the program.  Stay positive.  Good luck!!