8 weeks, looking back

  • Im 8 weeks into the program, I decided early not to do it as a challenge, but to follow the program, get in a better place, then focus on a challenge. I decided that instead of a 12 week challenge, this was a lifestyle change, so an actual challenge could wait.


    When I started, i was physically (and mentally a wreck). Divorce, moved away from the kids, job change, the whole 9 yards. From Jan to March I lost 30 pounds due to stress, while eating a diet of fast food!!!! Physically, I was sick, stomach issues, me knees hurt and popped with every step. My joints ached. Finally enough was enough, I relocated back closer to my kids, and decided to make changes. Eight weeks in, and Im down from a 38 inch waist to a 32. I ran a 5k!!!!!!!! My physique is starting to change, as well much more energy and clarity.


    Have I done the plan perfectly? Nah, sometimes life got in the way, but I didnt beat myself up, and the next day picked up where I left off. And when I messed up, I was as honest as I could be with myself, fixed the issue, and moved on. Yea, it is tough some days. Its supposed to be. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. But with each mistep, theres an ability to learn.

  • Love the positive outlook with the new lifestyle!  I bet the children are so happy to have you near. Looking forward to your 12 week debut!  Congrats on all your efforts despite the bumps in the road!

  • Sound like you are on the right track and headed in the right direction too!! Way to go on your resolve and determination to make this work and it will help you in other areas as well. Boooyeah!!