3 Things I have changed..

  • Hi all, 

    I am in C1W1D5.. Many of you struggling out these and having great time building up your body will agree to the fact that, before this journey, there had been so many times we try a new diet / exercise plan but drop out for some reason or that other.. 

    For more than 10 years, it had been my habit to start something.. be very strict.. and follow it earnestly.. but one simple fail and I used to totally collapse.. even though Day 5 is very early.. I feel that I am committed for this change.. I am happy to share three things which i have changed myself since starting this training plan.. 


    1) Drinking water.. 

    I don't know if others have this same issue. I really feel difficult drinking water. In fact even glass of water.. I came to know that we have to drink lot of water long back but still I never do that.. there are many days where I used to spend without drinking even one glass.. I kept reminders.. used to get water bottle right in front of me.. still I will never drink water.. drinking too much water makes me visit restroom frequently and also when I drink water too much I used to feel uncomfortable.. it is like water running inside the stomach then and there.. 

    But after beginning this program I got two 2 Litre jugs. One in office and one in home.. so I will complete both of them.. Since it is 2 litre completely, I know that i have lot more to drink and I keep drinking.. 


    2) Quitting exercise due to tiredness 

    I have joined Gym, three months back .. but go to Gym, three times a week.. Even though if I want to go, after going from work I used to feel tired and think let me go next day .. and sleep off.. yesterday I was really tired after a heavy workout on previous day.. I really felt sleepy (at 6 PM) and tired.. But then I knew.. If I miss it one day I am going to feel bad and negativity will increase.. so I changed to Gym clothes first and then for sometime just spent sometime roaming inside my house.. then I locked my apartment and forced myself to gym.. I had aerobics yesterday.. I thought lets do 20 minutes and go home and sleep... so I started doing it.. but to my surprise I was not tired once i am done with my work.. 


    3) Eating outside.. 

    Being single and alone in my apartment, if any of my friends plan to eat outside, I will be the first one to opt in for it.. I can control anything before seeing food.. Once I see food.. I go uncontrollable.. In fact first day of my challenge itself I lost my nerve.. So yesterday they were planning to have dinner outside.. my friends called me.. I had so much temptation to say yes.. but still I told I don't want to come.. and that was really a hard effort to me .. I thought even doing hard aerobics exercise is not tough.. but a simple 'no' is too tough.. but still I went ahead and told them to proceed.. I felt really good.. I thought ok.. so this time I am really doing it.. I was so happy.. 


    There are still lot many habits in me which I want to change. But still sharing it with you all because I know some would have gone through this already.. Lets keep our spirit high.. 

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • Hooray Divya!

    A quote I once heard- "We can only accomplish things we have never accomplished before by doing things we've never done before".

    I found that inspiring.

    Also, as far as your water issues- you and I are the same! I live in the middle of the Arizona desert. I used to go for days without water because I hated drinking it!

    Now I drink nearly a gallon every day. I look back before I started the challenge and see how dangerous that was for me! yikes!

    You're doing a great job!

    Keep up with all of your wonderful changes!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Divya,

    Sounds like you are on the right track.  It's amazing how much more energy you get after working out.  I do my cardio in the morning at 6 am.  I am NOT a morning person but since starting the program, I have no problem getting up to go to the gym and by the time I'm done I'm ready to start my day, feeling really energized.  

    Keep up the good work, you'll do great.


  • I have just switched to doing cardio and wkouts in the pm. I feel more relaxed and able to hit my 10's in the PM and am not so stressed over time. But whatever rocks your boat is just fine, as long as you get them done!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hey Chuck.. Even I am not a morning person.. ask me to be awake till 3 AM I can do it.. but can't wake up early and my gym is like half mile away from my house and I need to walk there.. but I will try to go there in weekends ..

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • Stacy.. I wanted to ask this.. How do you know Intensity is 10. I think I need to ask this question in The gym forum too.. but since you have posted I am asking you the same..

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • Congratulations Divya!

    Sometimes the little breakthroughs we have with new habits can fuel our big successes.

    My very best thoughts for you.


  • Change is good!

    We are all on own paths of discovery - about ourselves.

    You are making your way across the Abyss when you decide to change - and make it happen!!!

    This is where the mental strength comes into play!

    Did you do the written exercise in the "Body-for-Life" book, by Bill Phillips? (Pg.21-31)

    Keep up the good work!

    Remember, all of us here in the forum, are here for change.

    And each and every one of us have to face similar challenges, like you, to conquer our weakness with Mental Strength!

    Best wishes on your Body-for-Life journey.

    - Terry

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Divya, I can relate to your three changes, especially drinking more water!  I have struggled with starting a program only to quit later as well, or to not give something 100%.   It's great that you are focusing on the positive changes you are making.  I think this post made me realize I should do the same.  It's sometimes easy to feel that we arent making progress, which seems to further sabotage our efforts.  By focusing on what you are doing right, it makes it more likely that you  will continue to improve your odds at success on BFL.

    I will take your cue and write down my own changes at home. congratulations on your progress!

  • Divya! Sounds like you are getting it and are on the right track! Way to push through those temptations and say "NO"...I struggled with that with my first challenge, but it was drinking I learned to say no to so CONGRATS to you my friend...

    You asked what a "10" was on intensity...well for me on the cardio, it's gasping for air, feeling like my legs are going to fall off and the wts. is where you are telling yourself just get this last rep in and you feel like your muscles are going to rip through...not sure what others feel, but hope this helps a bit!

    Keep up the great work and keep sharing! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...