In need of a swift kick in the butt......

  • So I've been having a really hard time staying focused and motivated to stay on the diet. I've been feeling like I've been drowning in massive amounts of stress. Within one week I had my mother in the hospital (on my birthday actually), almost lost my sister-in-law and new baby nephew due to complications in childbirth, and had my niece whom lives with me break her ankle.... needless to say.. I've somewhat fallen off the diet here and there because I was just trying to survive with my mental state intact. Looking back, I actually didn't do too terribly bad considering how I used to handle stress, but I'm having a hard time refocusing and rededicating myself and I'm finding that I'm in the beginning of a downwhirl spiral and I would like to escape it before I compeletly botch up the success that I have achieved on this diet so far. I don't know whether to just start a fresh 12 week program or try to just conitnue on with my current 12 week even though I screwed up the past 2 or more weeks. Basically, I feel like I've failed and I'm having a hard time shaking that feeling and focusing on the positive... hence the fact that I need a swift kick in the butt!!!!

  • Well I can totally relate!  Not quite as bad but still right up there.  I also did the same thing and I am just gonna keep on going as I had to restart this time due to an injury and sickness!  uuugh.  Just hang in there!  How far in are you?  I am only at 2 weeks this time.  


  • Here's my outlook on people who ask, "Should I start over or continue."  If you're in the Challenge to win the money, then yeah, start over.  Otherwise, what would be the reason for starting over?  Just continue on where you left off.  I did an unofficial challenge back from January to April.  Why I didn't make it official was that I didn't honestly think I could win the money, yet I knew the BFL program works from past experiences.  Ended the unoffical challenge with a 22 pound weight loss.  This time, I entered the official challenge.  Do I think I can win it?  I have serious doubts, but I'm giving it my all (or at least I think I am).  But even if I were to fall off the horse for the next few weeks, I wouldn't start over, I would continue on, because ultimately, I'm not doing BFL for the $5,000 or whatever they're giving away now.  Would it be nice to win?  Well of course.  Don't think anyone would argue that.  But the ultimate reason to do this program is to win your life back, which is much more rewarding than any amount of cash.  After I finish this 12 weeks, I'll start another.  

    Why do I like the challenges?  Because it breaks it into 12 week periods.  Without the 12 week periods, it just seems like a lifestyle, and that can get boring after a while.  I've found through my past experiences that when you just try to do the program as a lifestyle, and not a 12 week period, you eventually fall off the horse for a LONG time (at least that's my experience).  I NEED the 12 week challenge to mentally break it down.  You've faced some MAJOR hurdles in the past few weeks, so it's not suprising that you didn't follow everything like normal.  These are the things Bill Phillips talked about people having to overcome, when he wrote BFL.  Right now, your body has become comfortable in becoming a little less strict, and you have to find a way to re-motivate it.  This can be the hard thing to do.  You can try to think of how you felt before you started working out at all, compared to how you were feeling while on the program.  You can think of weeks that were particularly good for you, and you lost a good amount of weight.  One of things that motivates me, is last week, I saw a special on TV about some of the people who became amputees from the Boston Marathon Bombings.  I look at these people on TV, and I see them literally giving everything they have to try to lift their legs 2 inches.  You can just see how difficult it is for them.  After I watched it, I journaled about when I need motivation, think of those people.  They are facing an uphill battle for the rest of their lives.  I'm lucky enough to have all my limbs, and no disability whatsoever.  If I'm overweight, it's because I did it to myself.  People would give anything to have the ability to do the things that you and I take for granted everyday.  So, shouldn't I take care of my body every single day, and use it the way it was meant to be used, or should I just be content in enjoying eating whatever I want, not exercising, feeling like junk everyday, because I can?  

    Get back on that horse!!!  Good luck!


  • You might need a kick in the butt, but you might also need to give yourself the benefit of the doubt.  Lot's of stress, lot's of emotional challenges for you, let yourself be human.  I recently had a full week hiccup.  I debated abandoning my current program, feeling that I "failed."  After allowing myself a small pity party, I decided I was going to finish what I started and I've made up for that week and am back on track.  Worse case scenario, I can always extend the program a week or two if I feel that I shorted myself.  I concur with what Mike said!!


  • Thanks for everyone's input! It really helped! I'm so impressed with how nice and helpful everyone is on the bfl forum! I'm gonna hang in there!

  • Greetings shannanigans, And BRavo for continuing on. You should give yourself some credit for doing your best under such difficult situations and get right back on that horse and ride again. The actual winner in the end is really yourself and your family that benefit from your better health and energy levels. Way to go and hang in there. We're all behind you and remember you have learned from all of this that you can still continue after all that.