• Hi Shelley and Clare,

    Here's our new thread for the second challenge!  Are we all here?


  • Hi ...thanks Des...I'm here!

    as I said I am officially restarting on Monday 4/8.  Today was my first day back at school (remember I'm a teacher) in 2 1/2 weeks I went back to eating properly and plan on starting eating/workout on Monday.  I will be taking measurements on Sunday as well as pics.  Do you have any pointers? I assume measure waist, hips, thighs, chest, arms....

    I am trying to analyze what I had trouble with before and how to plan better.I think I started off writing down plan & actual for food and workout...but with food ulimately just did it in my head and got sloppy for the last 2 meals.  With workouts, I wou;d look at the previous times info and try to start from there, but it got sloppy.  I think I hv to print out the forms for the whole week on Sunday...staple it together and move forward for the week.  What have you ladies done as far as writing and planning?

    I love the weight workouts...but I find for the whole 12 weeks my back was so so tight all day long, that it started really bothering me (not hurting...just super tight).  I need to plan my workouts in advance...I think I need to figure out a way to re analze my "9,10"...I think I tend to work at 7,8,...9.

    My challenge is that I definitely did not put my all into was my CARDIO....Here's my working out in AM at home, but cardio isn't working at home...and running to the gym cuts into my precious minutes.  So I noticed this morning that it is getting light earlier I am going to try walking/running around the neighborhood.  I need to get back to the 5,6,7,8,9,5,6,7,8.......

    I really have to THINK about what my new goals are.  In 12 weeks July 1...I need to be at a place physically that i see a big difference in clothes.  I am a point that i want to purge almost all my clothes from my wardrobe.  I between not really having the right clothes and not wanting to buy until I start losing inches and toning.  It's all a work in progress.

    If we could all start over on this thread with some basic history and goals going forward ..I think that would help alot.

    By the way Des..I checked out that look amazing!  As soon as i saw your pic...I felt you look like someone I would immediately be friends with.  Too bad we live on the opposite sides of the globe.  In this is fantastic.

    I'll check in tomorrow.


  • Hi guys, just a quick one as am going to get on the laptop and reply properly and look at des photo.

    But in the meantime I'm in for round two ladies, and like you Shelley re starting on 8th April. Just enjoying a little break. :-) can't wait to get back on it though. This time I have bought a tape measure, a bikini for the photos and m gonna do my body fat percentage and post before photos on here.

    Glad to see u both on board ladies


  • I too have the tape measure ready...but I dont have the body fat calulator.  Unfortunately I am feeling fat lately.  Even though I was still :on" the last few weeks of program....I slipped alot and I feel like I'm starting from scratch.  But once I start I will be feeling emotionally more positive. I am toying with the idea of changing my free day from Sunday to Saturday.  Typically the weekend has been like this: Saturday "mostly" on with food....but sometimes I start my freeday saturday night at midnight (LOL).  I also don't seem to be able to workout on Saturday.  Sunday the reason i liked having it as a free day is because I go out to breakfast with my husband.  But in reality my breakfast is eggs and veggies, subsituting salad for potatoes and having multigrain toast.  That can still work ( maybe bkft can be 2 meals)...and I can find a way to fit in 20 minutes cardio.

    Anyway looking forward to the journey with you girls.


  • Hi!

    Thanks Shelley, I have a really long way to go, hoping these next twelve weeks get me close!

    I have been sick most of this week, caved in and had an Easter egg on Wednesday, am on antibiotics so can't exercise and finish meds on Sunday so full throttle for me from Monday too!  I haven't been bad while sick but not super strict like I usually am!

    We hitting winter so gonna be a challenge, I too struggle with winter, u two however are hitting summer, lucky fish, nothing like a bit of sunshine to contend with.

    Please will u both check out my trainers wife 'Sarah's' website' she did body for life, check out what she did in 16 weeks, strict eating, one free  MEAL (main, dessert,  alcohol) a week, just some Motivation for us!

    My free meal is normally on a Saturday afternoon or evening, usually evening, last meal of the day (on that day I don't have all the snacks hey, just BFL breakfast, maybe an apple, salad at lunch no carb then whatever my heart desires over dinner, I really really look forward to that).  Perhaps do the same? A free meal not a free day? It is doable?!

    Cool, so we all commit to weekly progress pics, measurements and body fat I will put mine up tomorrow on here!

    Shelley, there are body fat calculators on line, u just have to be super careful to measure ur self exactly the same places each time.  Or ur local gym should be able to do it, shouldn't be expensive, it's a quick caliper test they in the gym but then at least it's one way of doing it with one person 4 times over 12 weeks or weekly if u choose to?

    Are u both gyming weights at home?

    Shelley I will post my tricks learnt from my trainer later today!

  • Right ladies, tis the night before the start of round two. I've had a few days off now and am sick of eating rubbish already.

    Des I saw your picture, you are stunning and will look even more so after this process. Shelley, great to see you going for round two.

    I'm a bit tipsy as sinking red wine before I am brave enough to do photos ( and at the end of the first challenge too!)

    God I'm dreading it. Going to post them here tomorrow with my stats and will do this every four weeks.

    I will do it. Round two. Ding ding.

    See you tomorrow ladies ?! :-)

  • Ps Shelley I am so glad u said that my free day would last from 12 midnight to midnight the next day. I used to stay up especially so I could have chocolate. Then near the end it started being a bit on a Friday night, all day sat and then Sunday morning. Slippery slope lol

    Des yes I do weights at home in front of tv to relieve the boredom :-)

  • How on earth do I put a photo on his thread?

  • Front view. Bikini didnt fit me and I bottled out on not wearing trousers 

  • is also the last day before 'the beginning".  

    I took pictures this morning, I too dont know how to post yet...I'll figure out by tmw and post.  But let me just say it was a really big wakeup call, one that i hope scares me (I mean motivates me) enough.  As I've declareds before challenge one ulimately was not successful.  Once I discovered that I didn't lose (8/9th week) I probably just sabatoged myself.......i can go on and on with reasons, excuses, explanations.....but the bottom line is I am right now the heaviest I've ever been.  Instead of moaning about how much I put in these 12 weeks...I am going to move forward and try hard to learn from mistakes.

    My weight has climbed to 186 lbs!!

    i also have my measurements, but will post them with the pictures.

    I really do pray that this time is my time to make a NOTICABLE CHANGE!

    ps. Clare your pics didn't come out??

  • I know what you mean Shelley. The photos look dreadful, not what I thought I looked like at all! Big wake up call!

    Gonna do it properly this time. Have done stats etc but had no joy with photos last night will have to do them on laptop instead of I pad. Might make them smaller first. I really thought I'd lost more than I had. My swimming dossier was too tight and the bikini I had bought didn't fit me at all. The back strap was really tight! Never experienced that before. Would I be broader?

    Anyway, starting today and if I don't look like I've finished a challnge in three months time I'm giving up. Lol

  • Hi Ladies,

    Day One was very good. Started day with UBWO @ 5:50 AM.  Ate well.  My previous challenges have been planning dinner and evening snack.  Today I had tofu with mixed cooked veggies and salad and whole wheat bread.  For late snack I just had green apple and 1 slice light swiss cheese.  So far I had 6 cups of water, and am going to make sure I guzzle at least 2 more (it's already 10 PM)  I am going to make a big effort to up my water to the recommended 10 cups.

    Tomorrow for cardio my plan is to do walk, speedwalk, jog in the early morning outside.  we are starting to have a warm spell here in NY and I'm hoping to enjoy the cardio.

    I like browsing other threads to see what others are discussing.  One that I like the way it is formated is in "getting started" it's called Cottage Cheese....   They have specific guidelines for daily updates and it's interesting to read.  But no worries I'm already committed to you girls.

    I am really not tech saavy, so I need to wait for my husband to help me load my pics.

    My starting measurements are:

    Chest 42"

    Waist 39"

    Hips 49"

    Thighs 29" and 28"

    Arms 13 1/2" each

    Weight 186lbs.

    By the way I just got my period.  Perfectly on time this month.  I wonder if I got back on schedule because I havent worked out for about 3 weeks??  Just wondering.


  • Des- Hope you are there?  Hope you are feeling better.  Keep in touch with us.

  • Im beginning to lose patience with this website - just wasted half an hour of my life transferring the photos from my ipad to my e mail to down load on here and its not working.


    Great work Shelley - you are probably right about your cycle.

    Im not very motivated  at the moment. Would help if things worked.