On week 3 but have been ill for last 2 weeks do i restart???

  • Im coming up to the end of Week 3 but for the last two weeks i have been unable to train properly!!

    Is it best to restart the challenge or continue as i am???

    Week 1 was great and i loss 6lbs but i have slowly put this back on due to non exercise.

    What do you think???

    All  help appreciated

    Thank you

    Steve.J 38 Bristol UK

  • Hi Steve,

    Sorry you've been ill. No fun. If it were me, I would start over again when I felt strong enough. Sounds like in the past 3 weeks, you really only got in one healthy week. If you're ill or injured, I would say the best thing for your body is to focus on getting better. The Challenge requires a great deal of commitment, which is difficult to do if you're ill. You can always restart the Challenge.

    Hope you're feeling better! Take care,