Any airline pilots out there?

  • My husband would like to try BFL (he has seen my success with it over the years) but he and I are not sure about his chances for success because of his schedule. If you're a pilot, you know that often times you are in an airport for many hours with no access to exercise facilities, and in hotels only long enough to sleep before your next report time. And how do you pack and eat your meals every couple of hours?  I've read many of the posts from people who travel, but being a pilot is different than a business traveler.  Any pilot-specific help you can provide would truly be appreciated! 

  • I remember seeing this post unanswered, and just now I was reading through the BFL champions book and saw there was a very successful international airline pilot runner-up named George Nolly. You could probably google his name and tag on "body for life" and find a wealth of helpful & inspiring tips. My mom always said, "where there's a will there's a way!" I suppose if an international pilot could do it, probably so could your husband, right?