Started 2/11/13...Crossing, with hesitations

  • Hello all!
    So I started 2/11/13 with the help of my psychologist (who showed me BFL, and had completed it himself). I've read the book, and I've completed one week! Hurray!

    I am excited, truly, I am. I've hated the way I've looked for as long as I can remember, and though I'm only 22, I know that I need to change, both psychologically and physically. 

    I'm doing the exercises, I'm following the nutrition element (first week required much tweaking but that's how things go at the beginning of everything), but I'm still very scared that this isn't going to work. That I'm not going to look as awesome as the other people do that finish BFL.  

    It was recommended to me to only weigh/measure myself once a month...but I'm aching to know. Is it working?

    How did you all cross this hurdle? When did you really start to notice change? I got so much motivation...and so much fear.
    thanks :) 

  • Hi, This is my second time following the body for life. And answer to your question does it work, yes, I was in for 10 weeks and looking back on pictures I looked and felt great ( the last 2 weeks would have given me the "PICTURE" results). I took a week holiday, and I just simpley never got back on track, . 4 years now and I'm at it again. I undersrtand wanting to now if it is working. I am on week 2 and I want to look different. Even though I know better, for me it was into the 6

    th week I was able to see a big big change in myself. Talking with my friend she said to take messurments, she said seeing inches and BMI can let you know you are changing. The stuff you cant see. I will ask her when and how often to take measurments, and let you know.

    Keep It Going


  • Hi!

    Okay..  first off..  don't worry so much about "looking as awsome as the other people"..  your goal is to become a better YOU.  You cannot judge your accomplishment by other people's.  Reasons??  1.  They may be on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc..  challenge.  2.  They may be younger.  3.  They may start off in better shape and/or with less weight to lose.  4.  They may be heredically predisposed to lose weight and get in shape quicker.  I could go on for quite a while, but the point is that you need to judge your accomplishments by the goals you set.  Just be realistic about your goals.  For example...  don't say your goal is to lose 100#s in 12 weeks.  That is an unhealthy and unrealistic goal.  

    As for the program not working..  I can tell you that it DOES work.  Unlike many plans, this is not a "diet"; it is a change of lifestyle.  It also doesn't require you to eat preprocessed "meals" like Medifast.  I tried Medifast first..  and it worked okay.  I lost 20#s in three months..  but the food tasted like cardboard mush, it was REALLY expensive...  and I gained all the weight back PLUS an additional 10#s within a month of stopping the plan.  With Body-For-Life, you are eating healthy foods.  I chose to use the EAS AdvantEDGE® Carb Control Bars and the EAS AdvantEDGE® Carb Control Shakes..  both of which are DELICIOUS!

    With Body-For-Life, I lost 30#s, 13.6% Body Fat, over 30", went from a size 18 pants to a size 11..  all during the 12 week challenge!  What's even better???  I continued to improve.  Since my challenge concluded, I lost an additional 16#s and am now wearing a size 6 pant.  What's even better than that??  I FEEL amazing!!!  I have more energy and am constantly smiling again!

    I agree with PH..  taking the measurements helped a lot.  I took pictures every two weeks also.  Using both of those tools helped me to see even the smallest differences when I didn't "think" there were any changes at all.  Seeing those improvements (even when they were really small) helped motivate me to continue.  Plus, in all reality...  once we started eating healthier THAT became the food types that I craved.  I'm not saying that I don't want a pizza every once in awhile...  but it's "EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE" instead of every day.

    I hope this helps!  Good luck!!

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45