2nd time BFL. Feeling depressed.

  • Last summer my husband and I both did the BFL program but didnt finish the full 12 weeks. however we did learn allot of valuable lessons during the time. between the book body for life and eating for life we learned about the food and the program. We didnt miss a beat last time as far as following the program, we just didnt finish. This time things are going good also. were on day 8 now, yesterday (sunday) was our free day. But something has been hindering me and its all my husband can do to keep me going. For some reason while on the BFL program I feel depressed. Last fall as we slowly stopped working out and eating right the depression faded away. Now that were back at it the depression is starting to kick in again, all I want to do is sleep. I'm eating right, doing my cardio doing my workouts. What is wrong with me? I've feel like ive already detoxed my body so it cant be that. Why would this be happening? It's extremely difficult for me to find motivation when feeling like this. My husband keeps telling me to move forward, hes really supportive but I don't know if I can do this. Anyone else out there have similar issues? 

  • Did you suddenly quit caffiene?

  • No I did not suddenly quit caffeine. I just feel like I can't be a normal person. I'm 25 years old and have friends that invite me to dinner during the week. I went wine tasting yesterday on my free day and had a bunch of good food there also, I didn't have to feel guilty. I guess after thinking about it I'm just not ready for this. It's irritating that I'm 25 and have to watch what I eat and work my ass off to have a remotely decent looking body. It's frustrating. My husband is trying to be supportive. Also, my mom and sister and I are going to Vegas for a week at the end of the month. I feel like I'm going to be miserable because I don't want to quit BFL but I'm going to want to try the foods there and drink etc. I guess I need to make a choice. Unhealthy lifestyle and good food and drinks or healthy lifestyle and let go of the feel good things in life.....

  • Babs983 it is about progress not perfection.  BFL is not a quick fix diet program it is a lifestyle change.  It is a change you have to want to make.  It sounds like you enjoy food and wine and that is ok.  You can make that fit into BFL as long as you make good choices about portions on training days and on free days you can enjoy yourself fully.

    Don't beat yourself up if you don't become a fitness model by the end of one challenge.  Just focus on making progress.  If you go out to eat one night try and make good food portions of the things you want to try.  Try sharing meals or asking for a box for half of it right when they bring it to you.  You can find a million reasons not to do BFL.  You only need to find one way to make it fit into your lifestyle.

    I hope you continue your training and make good choices while you are enjoying your trip to vegas.  Make your goal to log your foods and hold yourself accountable for the choices but don't let a few bad choices ruin your overall attitude towards the program.  

    Best Wishes,



    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • Hi babs!  I am not sure where you are living - but if it is in the NorthEast I understand you 100%.  I am in MIchigan.  I am depressed beyond belief.  I think maybe it is because I cannot go outside to do my cardio, or maybe the lack of sunlight.  I feel like I don't want to do ANYTHING and if I just lay around and do NOTHING I feel even worse.  What  a vicious cycle!  Winter is tough for me and I thought if I started my first Challange in October it would help carry me through the winter blues... but I think I may have misjudged my will power a bit.  I made it all the way til week 12 - and fizzled out.  I can not type in words to explain how disapointed in myslef I am about not finnishing that last week.  I just did not feel I was giving it 100% and without the full effort it was not what I wanted for myself.  Maybe Brian is right, maybe you (and myself) are beating ourselvs up mentaly over not finnishing our last Challange?  I believe with every week, and every day you complete this next challange you will start to feel yourself get back to the wonderful woman you were - and whom everyone else sees you as already!! Please, Plase Please keep it up - for me?!

  • Merianne Just because that last week you didn't give 100% doesn't mean you didn't finish.  There were many times during my challenge I just didn't have 100% in me but I made some effort and moved on to the next day.  When I started the challenge I set goals just as everyone does but the only one I really wanted to reach was to finish and submit my packet.  I had tried doing BFL a number of times over the years and usually quit after week 8 because I had made progress but didn't think it was enough.

    This time I saw it through until the end even though there were days I cheated, didn't give 100% or didn't feel like doing anything.  In the end I was able to transform the way I looked at everything because I still held myself accountable for those days but started each other day as if they hadn't happened.  This time I succeeded.  This time I won!  I am the 2012 Men's 30-45 Champion!

    I saw my name and pictures on the home page this morning!

    Brian Miller

    Clermont, FL


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • Hey all this is babs983 husband. Lol I am Justin and my wife is Brittany. Glad to update that she is doing better and hanging in there quite nicely. She's feeling sickly today though. I honestly think its because her body is getting "shocked" if you will, from the sudden change. She does hot yoga 3 days a week (on her cardio days) combined with cardio. So she goes to ht yoga at 6 am and comes home, eats breakfast and then does cardio. I think she should start spacing the yoga and cardio apart further. She's doing great though. We support each other. We've been 100% on track and I'm already feeling the effects. However we both have a burning question.... What's up with feeling extremely tired a couple hours after working out and taking a 30-45 min cat nap then waking up and feeling like a million bucks the rest of the day? Does anyone else experience this? We're on day 13 today

  • You should consider a physical exam and ask about checking your thyroid and vit d levels. It would probably help to ease up on the cardio a bit. The nap is the ultimate post workout recovery supplement! Hope you continue to feel better.

  • Lack of energy could mean lack of fuel.  I would suggest making sure you're eating enough, and that your portion sizes are correct.  Maybe add some good vegetables at each mea.  Also make sure you drink lots of water.  Being tired can also be a sign of dehydration.  Good luck, you can do this!

  • It's so hard for me to drink water like I'm supposed to though. My husband has tried bribing me to drink water and I can't do it. At the most I'm only able to get down 2 quarts a day. I don't know why it's so difficult for me to drink the amount of water I'm supposed to. I wake up every morning feeling groggy. Despite eating extremely well and doing my workouts. Is lack of water this important?

  • Greetings babs983,  YES, drinking the right amount of water is very important to the CHallenge and results as are right amount of carbs in your diet , balance of protein to go with that and enough restful sleep each night (less tv helps).  Are you taking a good multivitamin to aid with your resistance and recovery each time as well?  Hope this helps you. Keep Moving FOrward!!

  • Hi Babs,

    How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

    Also, this could be purely psychological.. fear of failure, not seeing the results you want quickly enough, that and think about how long you, we have been in the habit of NOT eating right and working out compared to how long we have built up a habit of being healthy... just because we have detoxed and built a routine doesn't mean that our minds and bodies want to go back to our "comfort zone"

    There are some supplements and various foods that help with depression.

    1) Dates are high in trytpophan, as is turkey if you don't want the carbs/sugar. tryptophan is a component in the production of serotonin which is a mood enhancer.

    2) Take melatonin supplements at night. Melatonin is also a component in the production of serotonin

    Also, have you gotten massages? Massage helps emotionally detox your system (as well as physically). It gets rid of the gunk that keeps us feeling tired and depressed.

    Hope this helps,


  • Came to this page tonight to look for some motivation because I am feeling depressed myself and want to start BLF again but can't seem to find the motivation.  I don't even know where to start with my story of starting and not finishing.  I do exactly what Brian said....quit at around week 8 because I've made progress but not enough to keep me going.  

    Brian, I am so happy to read that you won!  Reading what you wrote might be what gets my butt moving again!  I have my goals too, but as you said, just finishing and turning in my packet would be an amazing feeling!  

  • Hi CC, Babs,  Please keep posting what you do to overcome abyss.

    I also get depressed and sleepy. Though I have noticed that is because I dont eat enough - in fact, very little. And then I end up eating carbs as the brain feels tired and fogged up.  so the key is to eat the 6 meals.  

    Also just want to share that exercise more and more is not necessarily better. Just need to keep it balanced, preferable no more that what BFL recommends.

  • Hey all this is justin (crf450ish) brittanys husband (babs983). I have awesome news about my wife. She is doing great. She has started to feel the energy that comes from eating healthy and working out. Its awesome. The other day at around 5 pm when we got home from doing errands all day with 3 kids, mind you, all she wanted to do is go go go! It was great. I have developed a keen way of motivating her to drink water. She's drinking a gallon a day now! All I do is place the water bottle in front of her if i haven't noticed her drinking in a while and she smiles and drinks. She had been complaining that she's sick of not being able to have this or that during the week food wise. For example she wanted some ruffles chips and ranch dip sauce but said she couldn't have any. I said yes you can and I grabbed the bag of chips(reserved for free day) opened them up and handed her a 3 chips and got out the ranch sauce and she had 3 chips with a tad bit of ranch. I told her that this is what its all about. You cant expect yourself to go from 80% carbs(bad ones at that) and eating unhealthy to 50/50 good carbs good proteins. She said yeah but i just cheated on the program. I said yeah but not too terribly bad and you also satisfied a craving you had for bad food in a healthy way, you didn't over do it. She had 3 chips and like a 1/4 teaspoon of ranch. After that she didn't find herself craving anything unhealthy the rest of the week. She's gaining mental strength the further she moves along and understanding how to make things work for her. Everyone is different. Some can control their cravings and wait till free day. Others cant. I call it compromising with yourself. IF you just cant resist the urge to eat something you know is unhealthy, then have a TAD BIT OF IT! Its all mental, its all in your mind. It's almost like nicotine in a way. Your brain goes bizzerk if it suddenly doesn't have it. In order to succesfully quit nicotine you have to first want to, then gradually quit...I believe the same applies to this program. My wife is doing an astounding job with her workouts and cardio. She wants it. She wants a body like the UK model Katie Green. Which is weird because she looked just like her in high school. Her belly is already shrinking and shes noticed she doesn't get out of breath like she used to going up and down the stairs. She thinks if I wasn't around for support she would have given up. I think I am a big part of it too because She is a big part of my success thus far also. Our lifestyles are changing before our eyes. We just cant wait to post before and after pics. Were not even doing the official program, were just doing it for us, our kids and our family.