• What happen if you get sick? I mean if you get a cold or something during the period. I am in my 5 week and I have a gentle cold symptoms. Shall I stop training? The book doesn't answer that question.

  • Found this in the FAQ section

    I have had a cold the past couple of days and was wondering if it is a good idea to still exercise?

    You may think it is a good idea not to engage in vigorous exercise when you have the sniffles. However, a new study suggests that if you are well enough to get out of bed, you are probably well enough to get a workout. Researchers at Ball State University in Indiana found that exercising does not delay recovery or worsen symptoms of the common cold. In the study, 34 moderately fit folks, ages 18-29, were assigned to an exercising group, while 16 additional people of similar age and fitness level were assigned to a non-exercising group. Then both groups were inoculated with a virus to produce upper respiratory illness. The exercising group worked out at 70% of maximum heart rate for 40 minutes per day*, every other day. Researchers collected used facial tissues and administered symptom questionnaires every 12 hours to gauge the progress of the illness and its symptoms. After ten days, analyses of symptoms were similar between the exercising and non-exercising groups. So while you may feel like scaling down your routine if you are feeling under the weather, there seems to be no reason to skip it altogether.

    *Note – This study focused on cardiovascular training – weight training involves much higher levels of oxidative stress, and as such would likely compromise immune function. As such, stick with cardiovascular training in these instances.

  • I do what my body says to do. If I feel too sick to work out, I stay in bed for the hour and a half I would have spent at the gym. If I feel achy and congested, but not sick (as in nauseous or in pain), I head for the gym.

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  • Plus not for nothing you dont want to get everyone else sick


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