Third time lucky - This time I am going to do it.

  • Update to last post.....

    Here you go, please be gentle :)

  • Hi Ric. Are you still on the challenge? I was enjoying reading your progress....!

  • Hi Iron Brian!

    Still going strong but after the 12 weeks decided to update on a weekly basis.

    Making steady progress each day, getting alot stronger.

    You got long left on the challenge?

  • Hey Rich,

    Ive just read your journey and wondered how youve got on? Well done for getting to the end! Did you ever go on to another challenge, BFL or any other?  I'm a newbie - in my heart of hearts I love that Im on BFL again after 10 years. The first time I had brilliant results and managed to keep the weight off for years... but now its certainly time to give it a good go again!  Trouble is I started with all the gusto in the world and today, my legs are still like jelly. If Id had to cycle home, I would never have made it

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks for your blog - and also to wish you well on whatever youre up to now