Third time lucky - This time I am going to do it.

  • Day 52 Week 8


    The days are seriously ticking by now, just hit me when I started writing this post.

    UBWO today, really felt strong today, pushed a bit harder on most of the exercises.

    Weighed myself and still o change in weight, although I feel alot better.

    Found this funny video today on you tube, hope none of you are on here :)

    My favorite it at 0:37 seconds, had to hurt....

    Keep going everyone


  • Day 53 Week 8

    Hello all

    Cardio today, rely struggled with it today as my stomach had felt upset all day

    I did it and at the same speed, however I felt really uncomfortable running.

    Nearly 2/3 through the first challenge.... Crazy!

    Anyway, off to bed, tired.


  • Day 54 Week 8


    Leg workout today, really went for it and certainly felt it on the cycle home.

    Last day tomorrow then I'm at the end of my first 8 weeks.

    Will be on the last lap heading to the final straight, can't wait!

    Hope people are still reading this?

    Good night all from London.


  • You are almost there! I have been reading your posts - you are doing great! Have you started working on your essay?

    Carolyn Aragon

    Body-for-LIFE Champion 2012, Women 46+

  • Day 55 Week 8

    Hi Carolyn, yes finish line in sight. What essay is this?

    Well that was the last session done this week, can't believe how quick the time has gone.

    Still got a long way to go on the weight loss but can see progress.

    Keep going everyone.


  • Day 57 Week 9

    So the start of week 9 has not been great.

    Went to gym to do UBWO and just felt lousy, was sweating like crazy after a couple of minutes and had no energy and umph.... If that is a word?

    A few people at work have been unwell, just hope I have not got it

    Cardio tomorrow so need to be right for that.


  • I am almost on week 3 (C2) and there are already days where it feels like this is too overwhelming, but that usually happens when I am really tired or after a free day.  The workouts exhaust me, which makes me crave sugar/carbs or coffee.  Any suggestions?

    I love working out, and I do give it my all most of the time. If my motivation wanes, I look at photos and read more posts.  I struggle more with the diet - I am an all or nothing thinker with an eating disorder in the past.  On the days I workout I tend to stick to the diet pretty well and then that free day I feel rotten, and the day after.  I am trying to tone it down to one free meal in the evening - that is what I did near the end of the 1st challenge, and not b/c I made myself but b/c I wanted to.  Crap food makes me feel like crap and I love feeling good, so that is my motivation to eat well.  Not sure where I was going with this.....

    Rich - you have gotten pretty far -  I hope the rest goes really well for you!


  • Day 58 Week 9

    Hi shelley, thanks for the advice.  Good luck on the second challenge!

    Back to normal today, really good session on the treadmill.

    The cycle home was another story though... we have some strong winds in London today and at wont point was barely moving.

    Felt shattered by the time I got home.

    Im off to bed, nite fellow BFL'ers :)


  • Day 59 Week 9

    Evening all!

    LBWO today, had a good session and some good abb stuff too

    Gym was really busy tonight so took a little longer than normal.

    I have decided the cycle home each night is the worse thing ever as I'm usually tired anyway but tonight had the added luxury of tired and heavy legs.

    Got just over 3 weeks left on this challenge but going to continue for another 4 weeks till my holiday to Spain. Think I will have deserved a week relaxing and some ceveza by then. Also meeting my parents for a few days too as they spend the winter there.... Wish I did.

    Keep going everyone!


  • Day 60 Week 9

    Cardio today, all done and dusted!

    Another good workout, have a blister on foot from the last time and even though it was covered with a plaster (band aid for the Americans ) it was starting to really rub again the last 5 mins do found it hard to focus on the breathing.

    Think I am going to treat myself to some new trainers this weekend, have had these for a while now.

    Only 24 days left..... Gone so fast!


  • are doing so great!!!!!  And almost complete!  Looking forward to seeing your before and after pics for motivation.

    thx karh

  • Day 61 Week 9

    Thanks for the kind words Karen. Just hope the photos in a few weeks time are worth the wait :)

    UBWO today, felt really strong today and had a slight increase in the dumbbell press and the back rows.

    Have eaten well today but looking forward to my free day so I can treat myself to Fish and Chips.

    if you don't know what Fish and Chips are, its a British favorite. Deep fried Haddock or Cod and Chips ( Large cut fries for the Americans )  been craving it the last few days after seeing someone eat some on TV.

    Apart from that I dont think I will have anything else.

    Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, got a few friends coming round Sat night so think I will fire up the projector and put a movie on.

    Cardio tomorrow, hope the foot doesn't hurt this time.

    Keep going everyone, the days soon fly by and before you know you are on the final straight heading for the finish line.


  • Day 62 Week 9

    Well thats the end of the 9th week.

    It was a very hard cardio session too. Just didn't seem to have the energy today, but managed to do it still.

    3/4 of the challenge now complete and very happy with myself that I have got this far.

    Only 3 weeks left so no stopping me now!

    Have a good weekend everyone.


  • Day 65 Week 10

    Forgot to update thread yesterday as I was was feeling very unwell so spent most of the day in bed.

    As you can imagine, never made the gym.

    Went today and carried on so did the cardio.

    Did a little extra to make up for missing the gym yesterday.

    Still didn't feel 100% but glad I went.


  • Day 66 Week 10

    Hola all!

    Had a really great UBWO tonight, felt really strong.

    By the time I finished I was well and truly knackered.

    Only 18 day left of the first challenge :)

    Keep going everyone.