If you want to get lean is the same diet and exercise plan or another? Is the program the one for everybody? Lost fat or gain muscle?

  • Is the program the one for everybody? Lost fat or gain muscle?

  • Hey padresurfing, I'm at the end of week 3 (day 21) and based on what I have read so far, yes, it appears that the diet/exercise program is the same no matter what the goal is.  I think that is to sort/categorize the participants for other folks (like us) who are looking for specific results.  For me, I want to lose weight and just be better fit overall - so I have been cruising the Weight Management and the Lean/Tone sections.  I could be totally wrong as I am still kinda new here, but that's what it looks like to me.   =)

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  • I am finishing my week 3 too! How did it work for you?  As for me it has being hard with the diet plan and the gym visits (6 times a week). But I follow it as my bible. Don't give up!  9 weeks to go!

  • So far, so good!  I am not weighing or measuring until the end of week 4 (week from today), but I feel great and the workouts / eating are going well.  I am doing the work outs at home for now.  I have a bunch of different weights that are working for me now, but i imagine that the stronger I get, I'll have to get to the gym.  I am sticking to it 100% and it is now starting to feel like a normal part of my day / routine.  Yes, 9 more to go!!!  Whoo hoo!!!

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