I read this book last week at a bookstore and I know I should start on a Monday but I couldn't wait.  I had 2 weeks vacation and was determined to start a change.  I wanted to transform back to who I was, not just a "smaller pear" shape. 

When I looked at the Aerobics I thought - you're joking-right? That's not enough.  As I'm trying it Bill's way, I can honestly say that if you push to level 9 and 10, you won't be able to go longer.  I've been trained to believe in the 2-3 hour workout but to pace yourself.  This is shorter for a reason.  Its hard .

A few years ago my son (who is a great guy) wanted to teach me snowboarding.  I tried to keep up with him but I fell and broke my wrist 2nd time downhill.  He said " you ok Dad? - are you having fun? "   " oh yeah I'm fine", I told him, not wanting to disappoint him.  Each time I fell thereafter I fell on the other side because my hand hurt.  Eventually I dislocated the other shoulder and told him I thought I'd had enough.  It took a long time to recover. 

The doctor told me, "listen to your body"  .  Each time I tried to exercise, My body would tell me to stop.  I became like Porter described.  Like I was stuck inside a body I didn't recognize and could use.   When I started this program I have had several times, when my body said,  "listen to me" and this time In answered it !

"NO - YOU LISTEN TO ME THIS TIME ! This is a transformation.  You aren't broken, you are out of shape.  I'm stressing you by design.  It will hurt a bit but we are going to be better in every way for doing it !  So Quit complaining because I'm not stopping!  

After 7 days I've found I had to tell my wife and kids something similar a few times.  They had become accustomed to me doing what they want when they want.  I had to tell friends at holiday parties that I really don't want the beer , steak or dinner you made because its not Sunday.  No offense and I don't want to hurt your feelings, I just have this solid goal and nothings going to stop me.  You have to answer everyone who wants you to stop for whatever reason with a firm  NO !  

I'm hopeful that everyone will understand after 13 weeks, but even if they don't I know my own body will saying thank you.