Plateaud!!! Now what?

  • I am in week 8 and things have been going great. However, the past few weeks I haven't noticed much of a change...same weight, same size. My waist is a bit smaller but nothing is happening with my abs and thighs and as a woman, well, that's where I need it!  I could go down a size in my waist but not my thighs. I have changed my work-outs every 4-5 weeks and I am drinking lots of water. My diet has been really good but I did have one week where it  3 days of that week I fell off the wagon, just slightly (one bowl of ice cream, one soda, and some chips).  I drink one protein shake a day, take Betagen twice a day, and try to eat about 120-125 grams of protein. I'm 5'7" and have been hovering around 150 pounds and my BMI is also hovering around 24.

    So, any suggestions for work-outs or meals? Or just any advice period. I don't feel unmotivated necessarily but definitely need something to pump me up.

    Anything is helpful!!

    Thank you!

  • Hi miwife33, you're probably in week 10 of your challenge now; have you started noticing any changes yet or are you still plateuing?  The only suggestion I have is that maybe you're eating the correct foods, but too much.  How big are your portions (of both complex carbs and protein) and are you spacing your 5-6 meals approximately 3 hours apart?

    Another thing I just thought of is regarding your weightlifting sessions.  You say you're changing things up every 4-5 weeks.  Does that include increasing your weights?  I personally push myself to do heavier weights at least every week, unless I had an incredibly difficult time lifting a particular set.  Then I'll either slightly lower the weight or just keep it the same for the next session or two until it starts to feel "easy."  

    I hope you've started to notice more of a change now by week 10.  You only have 2 1/2 more weeks to go until you finish this challenge!  That is fantastic and I can't wait to hear your end results. :)