The time is here

  • Hi all!  After many years of pseudo starting and quitting within the first week, I'm at an all time high in weight.  Granted I had a baby at the end of June and my friends/family like to say "but you just had a baby", but as a friend of mine so eloquently put it, "I wanna look like I've never housed a child" HAHA.  So, after many failed diets in the past 3 months my husband (a naturally fit man who hasn't seen the inside of a gym since 2009 and still has a 6-pack) has agreed to take all his junk food out of the house and to eat what I eat when we dine together. 
    I am optimistic that this is the time that will stick.  It has to, I have a PT test (Air Force) coming up in December/January and I refuse to score poorly simply due to my enormous waist size.  So...let's get this party started!!!!

  • You can do this.  You have plenty of time to slim down the "child housing unit" and prepare for your PT test. There are some women about to start their 2nd Challenge - Soraya is one.  You should join them starting on October 22, nice to have some virtual friends go through it with you.